Long Haochen said, "The Demon Emperor wants to get rid of me quickly, and we are stirring up the wind and rain in the north.". He will not miss the opportunity to deal with us. Therefore, I estimate that he is likely to lead a group of the most powerful Demons. Come and fight us in the shortest possible time. This group of Demons is likely to be part of the 54 Demons he mobilized, as well as part of the anti-sky Demon Dragon Clan, the Moon Demon Clan and the Star Demon Clan. The Demon Emperor has absolute confidence in his own strength, so he will not bring too many strong Demons. The total number may not even exceed one thousand. In fact, under normal circumstances, such power is enough to defeat us. Because the Demon Emperor did not know that there were many ancestors to join. "On the other side of the two routes, the attack target of the Demon Emperor is most likely to be locked in the southeast fortress.". The Demons may have found out that we are deploying troops. But for some important deployments within our Federation, he can't be too accurate. It must be thought that the southeast fortress, where the Warrior Temple is located, is still the weakest one. But we don't know that we have averaged the occupations of the six temples. Moreover, before departure, we also arranged for some of the forces of the Assassin Temple to reinforce the Wanshou Pass and the Southeast Fortress respectively. "Demon God emperor this time the number of troops mobilized is terrible, will also leave at least twenty demon gods responsible for commanding the army, if they go straight to the southeast fortress, it is indeed a great threat to us.". However, the southeast fortress is not so easy to handle. After the last holy war, all the fortresses were fortified. At the same time, once the specific movement of the Demon army is found out, the Wanshou Pass and Jialing Pass, which are the nearest to the southeast fortress, will also send support at the first time. The most important thing is that there are now nine ancestors in every fortress. Once that fortress is attacked, with the strength of the ancestors, they can reach the fortress in one to three days. Concentrate the strength of more than 40 ancestors. Even if the enemy is strong, there are more than twenty demons to lead. But it is not so easy to break through our Xiongguan. It may even suffer a great loss. After listening to Long Haochen's analysis, everyone could not help but be moved. Xiao Huo's face could not produce an expression, but the appreciation and admiration in his eyes were clearly revealed. I thought to myself that it was not lucky for Xiaolong to be the first person in the Federation at such a young age! He is not only talented in cultivation, but also calm and meticulous in mind. With this son in control of the overall situation of the Federation, the victory of this decisive battle with the Demons may be much greater. Long Haochen's guess was exactly the same as what he had in mind, so he said no more, but silently watched Long Haochen arrange it. The strategy and tactics are determined, and the next step is to divide the forces. The sharp knife legion was divided into six groups, commanded by Long Haochen, Cai'er, Chen Ying'er, Wang yuanyuan, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang. Each army has three eternal heroes in charge. Sima Xian followed Chen Yinger, Lin Xin followed Wang yuanyuan, Duanyi followed Han Yu, Drive in racking system , and Yang Wenzhao followed Zhang Fangfang. Yating followed Cai'er in a group. Divide into six groups and set out at the same time. Long Haochen is responsible for the most central one of the six provinces of the target, so that he can rush to other provinces where the Demon God appears to destroy the Demon God Pillar at the first time. Although Long Haochen has no partner to follow him, he is the strongest and assisted by Xiao Huo. His overall strength is by no means inferior to the other five groups. Originally only more than ten thousand people after the sharp knife legion, become more flexible, like the real six sharp knife, straight into the northern hinterland of the Demons. The game between the Templar Federation and the Demons is finally in full swing. Demons, Demon Palace. Bushong, the tree demon God, is dead, and his demon pillar has been destroyed. The Demon Emperor's face was very ugly. He felt it as soon as the pillar of the tree demon was destroyed. This is the third Demon Pillar that has been destroyed. There are dozens of Demons standing below. Each has a powerful breath, they are the root of the Demons, but also the most powerful group of existence of the Demons, Demon God! However, these in the Demons are all the powerful existence of the dominant side, but at this time are the atmosphere also dare not breathe, standing there quietly, and even dare to look up at the Demon Emperor, only a few in the front row. Bushong, the tree demon God, is dead. He is responsible for staying at the Royal Dragon Pass. The destruction of the Demon God Pillar undoubtedly means that Long Haochen has made a move. Your Majesty, I have ordered you to go down and get accurate information as soon as possible. It's just that the heart city is too far away from the province of Samo, and it will take three days at the soonest to get accurate news. Said the Moon Demon Agares respectfully. He knew very well that what the Demon Emperor was most eager to know was whether it was Austin, Griffin or Long Haochen who destroyed the Demon Pillar. If only Long Haochen relies on part of Austin and Griffin's blood power to destroy, then the problem is relatively small. But if Austin and Griffin are not dead, then the problem is big. Demon Emperor's eyes are still cold, Demon God died, he will not feel distressed, but also can be re-cultivated, but the Demon Pillar is the real root of the Demons, just like the framework of the building of the Demons. Three Demon Pillars have been destroyed. It seems that the number is not large, but what if it continues? What about ten or twenty years? How many Demon Pillars will be destroyed? "Vashak." The Demon Emperor cast his eyes on the Star Demon beside the Moon Demon. Vashak nodded and said, "After receiving the news, I used prophecy for the first time, but it should be accurate whether Austin and Griffin appeared or not.". It should be Long Haochen who destroyed the Demon Pillar. But I don't know why, I felt the breath of life in him, not the body of the dead as in the prophecy of life. Hearing what Vashak said, the Demon Emperor relaxed, nodded and said, "This is right.". Long Haochen saved the night small tears, night small tears is the goddess of nature left behind, can be said to be the strongest vitality on the mainland, with her, perhaps Long Haochen's heart really has the possibility of recovery. At least she will bring a strong breath of life to Long Haochen. "I see," Vashak said suddenly. "No wonder." After the last life prophecy, the Demon Emperor's confidence in the Star Demon God's prophecy increased greatly. At this time, with his accurate judgment, the Demon Emperor's face also looked a little better.