PlusBit is designed for merchants to be able to accept cryptocurrencies quickly, easily, and securely. In order to further adoption of cryptocurrency we need to make it easy for merchants to accept it as a form of payment. This system will enable them to do so.

PlusBit eliminates the involvement of a third-party processor, allowing merchants to accept payments directly from their customers within seconds, in a secured and trustless environment. The deployment of the PlusBit POS system is anticipated to bring blockchain-enabled payment technology to the mainstream, while keeping the transactions seamless and cost-free.

Unlike custodial processors, PlusBit does not store or withhold any funds of merchants. It is an entirely P2P payment solution, with the convenience and benefits of a payment processor. PlusBit does not have access to merchant’s private key and money goes directly to their cold wallet.

Moreover, PlusBit doesnot get any fee from transactions. There is no monthly fee for merchant. PlusBit is completely free mobile Point of Sale app for everyone.





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