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Title: BizDev Q1
Name: BizDev
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 5000 PIV
Total Amount: 15000 PIV
Author: John M
Receiver: John M
Address: TBA
Created: 2019-12-30
Status: Pre-Proposal

Hello PIVians!

It's time for my quarterly proposal. It's been a hectic couple of months, but hectic is good :)

We managed to hold on to our main Korean exchange after working with them on FATF regulations. This is awesome and sets a great precedent moving forward.

Other than that, There have been a few good things happening :

- Working with a production company to give PIVX it's largest exposure to date. This is massive and a great opportunity. Production should take place the third week of January.

- Made sure exchanges and services were updated to version 4.0.0 - This is still in the works.

- Working on a Discord bot to help deal with the people impersonating team members and trying to scam people.

- A massive deal with a large exchange for a use case, and not just listings. We are extremely close to this goal.

- Working on designing a coordinated marketing campaign around Exobit wallet.

- Negotiating with 4-5 exchanges for listings, 2 of which are top 20.

- Making sure forks of our project give us proper credit in their Githubs.

- Negotiating with 3 wallets on listings, with possibility of atomic swaps on 1.

- The PIVX Foundation is chugging along. We have been funding projects that passed in votes, but did not receive funding. This has been a great initiative and has been a big help to PIVX. We have funded some great projects and are funding some very important stuff moving forward. .

Over Q1, I hope to have the following completed:

- 2-3 more exchange listings. One of which includes a great use case that I cannot disclose yet.

- Filming for the previously mentioned huge exposure initiative.

- Get the previously mentioned Discord bot up and running.

- Maintaining relationships with people to help guide on FATF regulation issues.

- Pushing forward with the PIVX Foundation and continuing to help alongside the budget.

My compensation for the next 3 cycles that I am requesting from the DAO are 5000 PIVX a month for 3 Months. Down from 6000 a month.

I'm looking forward to the next 3 months, I feel we have a lot of important work to do. Let's keep it purple as always, and let's start a great new year for PIVX.

John M
Head of Business Development

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“mnbudgetvote many 49a88b8b6253a16e80b0fa9c81a070892eff65c6b0511600cf4b3c325c8a87ef yes” to vote in favor
“mnbudgetvote many 49a88b8b6253a16e80b0fa9c81a070892eff65c6b0511600cf4b3c325c8a87ef no” to vote against
"getbudgetinfo BizDevQ12020” to check the status
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