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Archived Formalizing Involvement of Hans Koning to PIVX

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Abstract: Formalizing Involvement of Hans Koning to PIVX.

But, First things first! Who is Hans Koning? Would be wrong and presumptuous of me to assume all of you would know me. Please allow me to introduce myself a little. Some random facts about me:
  • Have a strong interest in technology, predominantly as how it should help society.
  • See myself as a blockchain and decentralization advocate.
  • Tend to focus on adaptation, community, governance, privacy and self sovereignty.
  • Co-founded the DigiByte Foundation, and was its first Chair until last year.
  • Co-founded MetaBrands – a decentralized resource DAO (web3, metaverse).
  • Pursuing a PhD on decentralized governance.
  • Speaker and author on various blockchain and crypto topics.
  • Hans on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hanskoningttim/
  • Hans on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hanskoning

Have become an official part of the PIVX community 1st of October. My involvement so far:

Needless to say there is plenty more where that came from!

Description of role:
PIVX is one of the few projects that have stood the test of time: hardened and battle proof, around for many years. Yet, that is not always reflected by its use in the ecosystem or (financial) appreciation. Although there are many external factors that determine the outcome, some internal factors can be influenced by the project itself. And there is where we hit a snag: PIVX is a decentralized project and relies on volunteers. All volunteers are hard working, dedicated and professional, but at the end of the day volunteers. This is a tough bitter and often unfair consequence of decentralization and not opting for an ICO. In order to help mitigate that consequence of decentralization, perhaps better said working on leveling the playing field more in our favor, this proposal suggests “professionalizing” certain tasks, and appoint a representative who can focus on building the community, representing the community, and advocate for and with community in order to further build and grow the PIVX community, ecosystem and protect and expand its place in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. Focus would be on:
  • Community involvement
  • Media representation
  • DAO & Foundation

The funding that I am asking for to cover aforementioned involvement is 20,000 PIV. Please note this is potentially a one-off expense, but I might and most likely will revisit this and seek for additional remuneration as the involvement and required input matures and time progresses.
FYI, those 20,000 PIV would be used to run 2 MN.

It is not always easy or clear cut to give hard deliverables on so called ‘soft resources’ as it is for instance in a dev project. Furthermore there are various factors beyond our control that have in impact like market sentiment, regulatory developments or media’s willingness to PIVX exposure.

That said, as deliverables one could ideally state:
  • Increasing community involvement
  • Increasing community pride
  • Increasing PIVX project awareness in the ecosystem for instance via AMAs.
  • DAO development (secure a workable and agile structure while respecting decentralization principles)
  • Review and possible revitalization of the PIVX Foundation

On a final note:
I would like to mention the symbiosis (for the lack of a better word) between holding PIV and volunteering. Personally I find it important that everyone, irrespective of holdings, contributes and helps to build on PIVX. Volunteering is a phenomenon where in my view size totally doesn’t matter, and is frankly irrelevant. It is important what brings us together, not what sets us apart wallet size wise. In my view owning any amount of PIV comes with the responsibility to support the project. That motivates to contributing building a better, stronger, resilient and more sustainable ecosystem. That is a message I find important and will be an important component of my involvement in PIVX

Thank you for your attention and consideration.
Hans Koning.

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