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Active Pivian

We don’t have a dedicated PIVX Graphic Designer. I have found a ‘stop-gap’ solution, but this will not continue forever. We need to have talented PIVians who do this. Not outside ‘contractors’.


We have been lucky to have a bunch of very talented Graphic Designers contribute their time to PIVX in the past. For a variety of reasons, the relationships didn’t last. The most typical reason was our inability to pay the amounts they required.

We also did some informal analysis in the past, that demonstrated an image created in 1 or 2 hrs, had just as much engagement in social media, or more, than images created in 5 or 6+ hrs. As it turned out, the graphic designers working for PIVX in the past, were extremely talented, and asking them to spend less time and be less creative is like asking Billy Joel to slap together a new song in an hour. A person’s reputation and creative process doesn’t allow things like this to be rushed. As such, we were paying far more for images than needed, or the Graphic Designer was earning far less than they should. Usually it was a combination of both. So, it was always a lose-lose. We need to find a win-win relationship.

One way considered to move towards a ‘win-win’ long term relationship with a Graphic Designer, was to require image requests be thought of as ‘templates’ that can serve multiple purposes, just by editing text. ‘Developer Update’ images are an example of this.

Recently, I found a Graphic Designer on Fiverr that does really good work, for what we need, for approx $20 USD per image. Now, to get the price that low, I needed to request 5 or 10 different images, each communicating the same message. Plus, it takes approx 1 week to complete.

We need a different type of arrangement. It will likely cost significantly more. Let me explain.

Ideal Scenario:

I think anyone in PIVX should be able to come up with a suggestion for an image to be created for social media. There should be a process, where along with the idea, the exact wording of the message should be spelled out. Further, there should be a way of prioritizing the requests. For example, if v5.5 is about to be released, getting images ready for such a mandatory update should take priority. As well, if the budget only allows for X images per month, then that needs to be managed as well. If we are going to expect the Graphic Designer to manage this, that will increase costs.

More importantly, I think the Graphic Designer needs to be able to react quickly. Perhaps turning around an image request in 2 to 3 days tops, to take advantage of current events we want to react too. This of course will also increase costs.

Obviously things like images for v5.5 release can be planned well ahead. But, those will be few. Quick turn-around is likely the norm. Example upcoming campaigns are v5.5 Testnet, New v5.5 Rewards, v5.5 Production Release - Mandatory update.

Not all images should be ‘lesser quality’. There are some images that will be placed on the PIVX.org website in a blog entry, or will be to support an article being published in a prominent news outlet for example. In those cases, we absolutely should have the extremely talented Graphic Designer resources, to support the PIVX brand. This of course will increase costs too.


The guides, logo, and color palette located here should be followed: https://pivx.org/pressroom

Source files in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator must be provided along with the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter formats.

Those not already familiar with PIVX, should review recent graphic designs posted to Social Media.

The budget should support a minimum of 10 - 20 images per month (each in 4 social formats, plus source file). Unused image requests should carry forward to the next month until used.

Call To Action:

I do NOT want to be one of the people who ‘solves’ problems like this all the time. I think the others in that group feel the same way. Yet, it seems like if we don’t do it, no one else does. Worse, some people complain it is always the same core group of people who get things done. But, they just complain. They just make excuses. They just build their ego. They don’t actually get involved. They don’t produce anything. They’re just critics. They just whine. They have no plan. They don’t move us forward. They’re just trolls. That’s lame. That’s cowardly. “They’re just cold and timid souls.” (See video)

We don’t get paid. We volunteer. We ask for help, over and over, and over. Yet, nothing changes. But, it has to.

We need is someone to tackle this task, regardless of the critics, “Because the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.” Is that you?


I am not sure how I will ‘force the issue’ if no one takes on this Request for Proposal. But, I will.

Please feel free to ask questions, so that we can make this RFP more comprehensive if needed.