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I pleased to announce that PIVX has joined the Fediverse!

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Hello PIVians!!

I've taken the initiative to open the PIVX Mastodon account. Furthermore, I think it's a good idea to have the community present on as many social networks as possible, especially since Mastodon is free, open source, and decentralized, the same founding pillars of PIVX.

If anyone wants to join the effort, they can contact me on Discord, at the moment I'm just replicating news from the official PIVX accounts, but I think it would be a good idea to promote original content eventually.

Above all, don't forget to follow us on the Fediverse: https://mastodon.social/@pivxcrypto/

In case you need to know, Mastodon is free and open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services. It has microblogging features similar to Twitter, which are offered by a large number of independently run nodes, known as instances or servers, each with its own code of conduct, terms of service, privacy policy, privacy options, and content moderation policies.


This post will be closed on the forum to avoid the harassment and trolling that I have been subjected to. However, as you know, I am open to your comments on Discord and Telegram or to my email onezetty (a) pivx.org.

Thank you very much!
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