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Active Liquid369-May-July24


Name: Liquid369-May-July-24
Term: 3 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 30,000
Total Amnt: 90,000
Author: Liquid369
Receiver: Liquid369
Address: DMEQpCd56HJCTJNoYocWLL4v11wxyJaDbb
Created: 05-14-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 2e23f653d84ef793f2ef5650a26907970350832c2976e5cca6b6b9253fb3c5a8

Liquid369 Proposal

This proposal is going to outline what has been done as an update to users and what will be continued in the next portions. It outlines some ideas for users and the responsibilities entailed overall.

Last Proposal Report

- Finalizing 5.6.0 to remain in good standing with Binance and then working with Business Development into getting onto exchanges in markets we are not in or were once closed off to.
5.6.0 was released, we are on 5.6.1 for some extra compatibility we found upon getting ready to launch. We are still on Binance and our relationship with them only grows stronger.
- Mempool updates from upstream for enhancing our services and better 'pending transaction' handling
These I did not get to with working on a few other things this is a task I plan to mainly focus on now
- Frontend work for RustyBlox, I have some basic designs and it will be done in Vue.js, hopefully planning to get some image work from our fantastic graphic designers we have on hand now.
Designers are busy but should have openings soon, I have some mock layouts and setups done, we have implemented some new API handling and upgrades in the meantime.
- Moving infra to a larger dedicated server, that will also host RustyBlox the new PIVX explorer, I am submitting a secondary proposal to pay for the server costs, I have done extensive research for making this as cheap as possible.
Server is much faster cutting the time required for testing new DB changes from all day to several hours if needing to rebuild entire DB.
- This proposal should get us to "MVP" status for RustyBlox with continuous updating moving forward to bring it to a more powerful frontend.
Backend is near "MVP" for its needs that I have found but we've come to find more needs as time goes on.

PIVX-SPMT is updated to its new version 0.7.0, which supports TorV3 and is now up to date with Python 3.10 instead of the old Python 3.7 to maintain the range of compatibility we need.

I am also responsible for technical integration assistance with Business Development. This last proposal we have worked with Artic Wallet, Now Wallet(for issue resolution), and more. We will continue to make sure we can keep all services running as smoothly as we can with those that work with us!


- Maintaining PIVX Core and Repositories under PIVX-Project organization
- Coordinating between Core and Labs
- Reviewing and testing code submissions in both Core and Labs (organization rules is 2 approvals and reviews needed for anything to be merged from non-authors)
- Research and improve current code for optimizations
- Research and improve backports for our perpetual updating to BTC Core
- Maintain networking infrastructure and build some analytics
- Maintain explorer servers
- Supporting Community/Exchanges/Services/DEX all in technical regards for PIVX
- Coordinating with Marketing to bring accurate technical representations and promotions for PIVX development
- Maintaining regtest network servers for testing and infrastructure for others to use in testing new features
- Maintaining testnet network servers for testing and infrastructure for wider community testing features and new implementations
- Making overall PIVX Core development updates
- Maintaining ElectrumX servers for DEX's
- Coordinating with Business Development to ensure smooth and timely listings
- Vetting potential new members for development

What is Next?

- Mempool updates from upstream for enhancing our services and better 'pending transaction' handling
- Setting up plans with marketing and development on 6.0 testnet for end of summer (tentatively)
- Organizing infrastructure for testnet
- Working with Business Development on integrations for some more use cases
- Organizing newcomers in the PIVX team and expanding Project Management
- Establishing various team meetings for growth, participation, community, and progression of each team
- Researching and implementing WebSockets into RustyBlox as MPW is now looking into more WebSocket usage to speed up sync


Qt GUI wallet users can use the built in DAO page to cast their votes.

For console users, use one of the below commands.

To vote yes:
mnbudgetvote many 2e23f653d84ef793f2ef5650a26907970350832c2976e5cca6b6b9253fb3c5a8 yes

To vote no:
mnbudgetvote many 2e23f653d84ef793f2ef5650a26907970350832c2976e5cca6b6b9253fb3c5a8 no
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