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Active LRP: Sandude


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Name: LRP - Sandude
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 3,000
Total Amnt: 3,000
Author: Sandude
Receiver: Sandude
Address: DN8pZQ8EDmfzW4k182gWBnm8X51kYGTxZD
Created: 22-08-2023
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 4e739f028da578b13266c45634cba1d33fef3844053f9d040d71a0a412ccd34a

About me

This is a continuation of my previous proposal, after working for 6 months on PIVX:

What have I done so far?

My tasks so far have been:
  • Reviewed and redesigned the text for most LMPs (Labs Micro Proposals) and LRPs (Labs Recurring Proposals) published over the last six months.
  • Designed templates for both LMPs and LRPs (Labs Recurring Proposals).
  • Designed and published the first five episodes of "The Superblock Report", a monthly PIVX update for the community.
  • Devised; together with JSKitty, a workflow for the reporting of information from Labs and PIVX team members for the monthly report.
  • Proof-read and assisted with improving the text and UI content of MyPIVXWallet.
What will I continue to do if this proposal succeeds?

I have been assigned some recurring writing tasks, and will be there any time the PIVX team needs any writing or proof-reading done. These are some of the things I will be doing:
  • Review, rewrite and publish all LMPs and LRPs with a focus on facilitating comprehension and fixing any mistakes present.
  • Proof-reading all apps and features associated with the PIVX Labs and in spare time, PIVX Core.
  • Publish monthly episodes of The Superblock Report summarizing all developments and relevant events for PIVX.
  • Assist all members of the PIVX team with any tasks that require writing.
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