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PIVX 4.0.0 coldstaking is networkly disabled :-(


New Pivian
Is cold staking enabled now? (on 4.0 mainnet) ❔
or must we wait till ENFORCEMENT: Block 2,153,200 (~Jan 6 2020)

pivx-cli delegatestake results in error:

Cold Staking disabled with SPORK 17.
You may force the stake delegation setting fForceNotEnabled to true.
WARNING: If relayed before activation, this tx will be rejected resulting in a ban.
(code -4)


New Pivian
I read in the Discord channel, Spork 17 has to be activated manually. Cold staking doesn't come until January.

:eek: Discord (n) (proprietary & centralized) sucks. Web services must be decentralized and interoperable.

Discord Matrix Bridge would be nice.
Riot = Free and open-source secure chat


Staff member
Thanks for the suggestions, I will report them to the team. And yep cold staking is now active only in testnet.


Core Developer
Staff member
the timeline for enabling new features (including cold staking) was outlined in the release notes.