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Title: PIVX Spanish Team 20 v1
Name: PIVX-Spanish-S2-V1
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 1667
Total Amnt: 5001
Author: ONeZetty
Address: DD3bhQdC8J7sEkWidtEDjcEzBTDju4ZnBm
Status: Awaiting Feedback
PIVX Foundation: Able to KYC to receive

Hello everyone, this is ONeZetty!

This is the Proposal for the next budget of the PIVXpress in Spanish for January, February and March 2020. My last proposal was fully funded, and the Spanish community still growing, thank you very much for the great support of all the PIVX community, MNO, developers, marketing team, and all the PIVX family, we now feel bigger and stronger. And the barrier of the language is now thinner, and that makes me very happy.

Now we are having the attention of a lot of people from all LATAM, yes this is just starting. Now we integrate ElenaCC in the PIVX Spanish Team, she is making small video capsules about the PIVX Community news taking the place of Pablo (Criptocuba), because he is on the school, and he needs a little time off, but Pablo still in the team and he always collaborate with us. Brithany is a new member of the team, and she is making a demo, if she decided to join us, I will absorb their payment, so this is going to be the next surprise. I intend that more and more people join us, and they take more active roles in the community and not only “ONeZetty” everywhere (LOL).

Please feel free to check the report of my last proposal, with the basics results, here:
In this new proposal the PIVX Spanish Team grew to 9 members:
  • Michael Mitnick
  • MariiChuy
  • SamGiset
  • Niklaus22
  • memes777
  • Criptocuba
  • ElenaCC
  • Brithany
  • ONeZetty

I'm asking for 5001 PIV or 1667 PIV monthly for 3 months:

600 PIV for ONeZetty host of the PIVXspress in Spanish
600 PIV for Michael Mitnick Spanish trade analyzer
600 PIV for MariiChuy: Spanish PIVX Instagram
450 PIV for MariiChuy: Spanish PIVX Steemit
450 PIV for SamGiset: SQP Videos the Spanish PIVX DYK
450 PIV for ElenaCC: PIVX Community Videos
450 PIV for Niklaus22: Graphic designer
300 PIV for memes777: Support in Social Media, Forum and Telegram
450 PIV for ONeZetty: Spanish PIVX Twitter
600 PIV for ONeZetty: Video producer, editing and upload the videos and management of the Spanish team
50 PIV for the fee proposal

As always I will continue to be in charge to measure the quality of the information, the videos, and all the post, and I will make some corrections if it is needed.

And yes I will lead this team, but if any member decides to abandon the project or make their own proposal, they will receive my full support and my guide to do it. And in that case, I will look for a substitute and save those PIV for it.

Check our links:

¿Por qué PIVX? https://porquepivx.com/


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MEH 💔:
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Feel free to make you your comments.
Muchas gracias!!!
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Wonderful proposal to continue sustainable growth and with demonstrable results. PIVX is one of the most committed projects with the community, and it is verifiable. The support of the founders has been satisfactory for us and motivates us to move forward. PIVX is inevitable.
Es satisfactorio ver como se ha mantenido el equipo de trabajo a lo largo de todo este ciclo. Gracias OneZetty por la confianza que depositas en nosotros, igual para equipo de PIVX. Nos sentimos motivados a dar más para contribuir con el crecimiento del proyecto y confiados en sumar miembros al equipo para ampliar y diversificar nuestras actividades. Se que este nuevo ciclo con PIVX traerá consigo crecimiento y fortaleza.

A mis compañeros, todos son maravillosos. ¡Gracias! 🤗
Para toda la Comunidad de PIVX, esto: Son sencillamente únicos. ¡Gracias por todo el apoyo! 👏
OneZetty eres un gran mentor, ¡Gracias! 🤗

"Hay personas excepcionales que son capaces de comenzar epidemias. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es encontrarlas." - La clave del éxito. Malcolm Gladwell
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