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Title: PIVX System Administration and Support Management
Name: Sys-Admin-Support-201906
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 6000
Total Amnt: 18000
Author: Jeffrey
Address: D9FUWwn73mkwTNs28wWuCtwt2zNHtD5pqq
Status: Proposed


This proposal will be the first official proposal to fund my already existing work for the PIVX Ecosystem as a whole. I have been apart of the PIVX team since March 2017 and since then have been included in Various Proposals such as the Support Team Proposal as well as Ambassador proposal. Outside of these proposals I was already managing much more for PIVX and compensated privately. If passed, this Proposal will allow me to continue my full time employment within PIVX and be funded by the treasury.

My PIVX Work History:

I officially joined the PIVX team as a support member in March 2017. My daily tasks were to assist users via our main communication channels such as Slack, Discord, Facebook etc. My skills in this sector grew and so did my passion for the project which led me to assisting first time crypto owning Merchants in South Africa to adopt and allow customers to pay for goods and services using PIVX. This made me the first PIVX Ambassador in South Africa as well as inside the continent of Africa.These are positions that I am most dedicated to within PIVX however as listed below these are other tasks that I am responsible for:

  • Full management of ~8 PIVX and PIVX related Webservers and Panels.
  • Always active in Discord #support channel to answer any and all questions.
  • Management of all PIVX and PIVX related domains and their respective DNS.
  • I setup the new PIVX team Email and continue to maintain it single handedly.
  • I setup and manage the new forum found at https://forum.pivx.org.
  • Initial setup of the PIVXfoundation.org website as well as PIVXambassadors.org and various others including constant moderation and maintaining.
  • Some Social Media Management.
  • Discord, Reddit and other PIVX Social Media Administration.
  • Sending out DMCA to protect PIVX users from landing on scam webpages, many of which were shut down.
What This proposal covers:

The funding from the proposal will allow me to dedicate myself as a full time team member for PIVX in which I will continue with the following tasks:
  • 40~60 hours per week dedicated to PIVX.
  • PIVX Support Lead.
  • Sys Administration of all PIVX Servers, Websites and Social Medias.
  • Exchange coordinator for upcoming exchanges in South Africa and globally.
  • Security watchdog, Assisting with removal and reporting of impersonation domains/websites.
  • South African Ambassador Lead.
  • Local and International Merchant PIVX adoption.
  • Management of the PIVX Freshdesk providing updated FAQS and Ticket .
  • PIVX Integration drive.
  • Funds my personal servers for upcoming ElectrumX Nodes, Mobile nodes and for PIVX testing and snapshot hosting and whatever else may be required.
  • Anything and everything Linux System Administration or Support.
These are the following PIVX related websites that I manage in respective to some website work, server and/or maintenance:


In order to support my full time (50+ hrs per week) efforts, I am asking for 6,000 PIV per cycle, and for 3 cycles, for a total of 18,000 PIV.

I will not be asking for the 55 PIV in submission and processing fees to be reimbursed.

Voting Details:

To Vote YES for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many 42666fe628765e0a33c64bbc05db075459ef0e58f1a2b128d43c144cbacd1cb9 yes

To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many 42666fe628765e0a33c64bbc05db075459ef0e58f1a2b128d43c144cbacd1cb9 no
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@Jeffrey Glad to see this. It has been a long time coming. I know that when most people would have 'thrown in the towel' and gone to get a 'day job', you stuck with PIVX and went many months with no funding at all. Most people don't know this, but when the massive correction hit, the state of the 'PIVX Infrastructure' (All non-core wallet stuff) like the website servers and the support system were pretty much ready to fall apart. If it were not for you - things would have got REAL bad. Many things would have just flat out 'broke'. This is exactly what has happened to many alt-coins out there.

When the massive correction hit, there simply wasn't enough budget and you didn't want to ask for funds from the treasury so you found private funding. That ability to 'hustle' helps in your role as a PIVX Ambassador too. Good Linux Sys Admin skills are hard to find, and yours are solid. Plus, your Sys Admin skills go well past that Linux. As well, you obviously know crypto and PIVX well, so that makes your skill set very rare and valuable. That pays off well for PIVX when you provide user support too. I am sure that in the 'day job' scenario, you could get much more income. But, it is clear you bleed purple.

As a side note - I am happy to see that the PIVX Foundation is adding to the budget. For far too long, many people have been sacrificing too much. Volunteering is great and an excellent way for people to prove themselves. It is a key part of a 'grass roots' effort. We certainly should always be smart with how the budget is spent, but it is also very important that we get critical areas of PIVX well under control and running smooth, so that we are ready for the return of the Bull market. That is why I think it is time that people who have proven themselves get paid properly. I see other proposals that fit this statement too. Good stuff.
@Eric_Stanek Thank you for the kind words and for your support of my Proposal. I aim to Improve PIVX in every sector possible. Bull market or not I've had alot to do with the development of this project and will continue to do so. Funding will allow me to continue prioritizing this.
This is phenomenal! So excited to see you get the support you deserve from the community the way you have supported all of us. Great proposal, love the work you do!
A tech project without a dedicated well-funded support team is not healthy. One of the 3 major legs of any good project. Tech/Marketing/support! There a number of PIVians that have held on and offered above and beyond service for little to no pay during the slump - you, @Jeffrey are one of the PIVX Saints! I support this 100%