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Title: pivx-turkey-communit
Name: pivx-turkey-communit
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 3000 PIVX
Total Amount: 9000 PIVX
Author: AEK
Receiver: AEK
Address: DFAEsEiUmrxaPXBKRhfoZDh1tUuCnXFekk
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 7a0c8007356f4d06f26d6f71b223e058f026efc146f90da77eb1839a9aa0f007

Hello my pivx family, I am Aek, I hope there are some of you who know me. I have done my best to create and strengthen the PIVX Türkiye community for 1 year. Recently, I have gone even further with the help of some friends and experts, apart from my own efforts (thanks Eric and Jefrrey). Now, I want to know that pivx has better quality and pivians in Turkey behind me, and I want to be known as the pivx turkey community manager.Also, since things are starting to move forward, I spend more time on pivx during the day than on my own work.

Some things i did:
establishing pivx turkey telegram and attracting people there (https://t.me/pivxturkiye)
I distributed small gifts to users to ensure activity on the channel. (https://t.me/pivxturkiye/2740)
Before our USDT pair opened, investors and the community were in extreme despair, but I made them understand that USDT parity was inevitable as PIVX is a constantly evolving and renewing project (I want to thank Jeffrey again for moving everything forward in a transparent manner)
Finally, it has been about 3 weeks since I have been in contact with the gate exchange's Turkish community managers and I was able to plan an AMA for February 26th and this channel doubled the number of our participants. I believe that with your support behind me, this will happen even more. ( )
But now that things are getting serious, I will sometimes need some resources to do these things and I want to request them from the dao.

First of all, I will organize prize-winning quizzes monthly or every two weeks to keep the Telegram community active and informed about Pivx. In the future, I will organize AMAs with channels with high followers in Turkey for more promotion (this is the beginning of an AMA (https://t.me/Gateio_Turkiye/1448502)
I am also thinking of rewarding the community and releasing logo t-shirts by the summer for those who really love Pivxi (the best price for this was $500 for 30 t-shirts).In order to do all of these and spare time for pivx, the amount I request this month is 3000 pivx
You can contact me for questions
TG: @AEK_003

Voting Details:
To Vote YES for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many 7a0c8007356f4d06f26d6f71b223e058f026efc146f90da77eb1839a9aa0f007 yes
To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many 7a0c8007356f4d06f26d6f71b223e058f026efc146f90da77eb1839a9aa0f007 no


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Turkey is a massive region for crypto. I aim to seek listing on top exchanges there as well. I have personally worked alongside @AEK and support this proposal. Looking forward to seeing the Turkish community grow.
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Türkiye kripto para için devasa bir bölge. Orada da en iyi borsalarda listelenmeyi hedefliyorum. Ben şahsen @AEK ile birlikte çalıştım ve bu teklifi destekliyorum. Türk toplumunun büyüdüğünü görmeyi sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum.
Söylediklerinizi iltifat olarak kabul ediyorum ve çok teşekkür ederim.🙏🥰
I have corrected your proposal submission format to include the required code blocks @AEK I have also moved this proposal to the active forum as it is now submitted.

I have seen your work within the Turkish community and I feel that you will grow to well represent PIVX in the region alongside other Turkish team members. I am in support of this proposal.

Looking forward to amazing work!
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Hello @AEK !

Can you please provide an update for this proposal, showing how active you have been in the Community and what you have accomplished?

Hello @AEK !

Can you please provide an update for this proposal, showing how active you have been in the Community and what you have accomplished?

I haven't been very active lately because I had to be in the hospital, but this will be over in a few days and I will continue to be involved in the community You can find my latest work here. Turkish language support for the toolbox with Palm. I will also try to do this for all pivx sites soon.