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Archived PIVX Turkey Promotion Work

I have decided to take your suggestions into account and will submit a report in the coming days :) If there is a special development I will add it here, thank you all.
Hello @talhatr !

Can you please provide an update for this proposal, showing how active you have been in the Community and what you have accomplished?

Hello @talhatr !

Can you please provide an update for this proposal, showing how active you have been in the Community and what you have accomplished?

Hello, my name is Talha. I live in Bursa, Turkey.
I want to create Turkish promotional videos for the PIVX project. I would like to get feedback from you on this issue. Creating promotional and narrative videos in Turkish can make a great contribution to the ecosystem.
Creating 30 youtube videos with all the technical details for thePIVX Project from the very beginning.
-The videos will be like a series of 4-5 minutes long on average.
-PIVX t-shirt will be worn in the videos.
-The videos will be created with independent visuals and details.
-In the videos to be made, details such as the PIVX logo and font will be emphasized.
-Once the videos are created, all rights will belong to the PIVX community/management.
-The official web address and other sources you provide will be used as the source.
What is the benefit of the video series?

Turkey is at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption in Europe. Therefore, I would like to emphasize that creating a series of promotional videos for the PIVX project in Turkey is both an exciting and strategic step.
This video series will be a tool to attract the attention of crypto users in Turkey and inform them about PIVX. Furthermore, Turkey's geographical location and economic potential provide an ideal environment for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Due to the economic situation, it is obvious that there is a search for financial privacy. Therefore, this project will not only contribute to the crypto economy in Turkey, but also attract the attention of the global crypto community.

I'm ready to take the step to create high quality content while keeping costs low and maybe become part of the PIVX Community in the future. ( Community management, Turkish social media management etc.)
That's why I want to come with a much more favorable offer compared to the global markets.

Cost :

That's why I want to come with a much more favorable offer compared to global markets.
I am targeting 60 PIVX cost per video (Current Price: 9 USD)
30 Video cost: 1600 PIVX : ( Current Price : 485 USD)

I would love to invest in the future of PIVX and work to make your presence known in Turkey. You can imagine that Turkey is looking for privacy due to its potential and economic conditions. Any feedback will be addressed. Thank you.

Title: PIVXTurkeyPromotion
Name: PIVXTurkeyPromotion
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amount: 3000 PIVX
Total Amount: 9000 PIVX
Author: talhatr
Receiver: talhatr
Address: D93V74QjhcQt4kthuBy7ywFsq2T3GdJf83
Status: Active
Vote Hash: e9f3d4e098dcb66677ddd3ed2ba99d218334d90419b7bc3f54ca178ca229d563

Thank you to everyone who accepted my first offer. I have started working actively for PIVX. I aim to reach a wide audience by creating content in Turkish.

I create social media content while maintaining the brand value of the project and actively serve in the Telegram community.
I firmly believe that these efforts are a process and will yield very good results if long-term stability is maintained.
I will continue to progress in the most transparent way by sharing my work here regularly every day.
I will always be here for your questions and suggestions. Thank you for your support.

I would like to thank Eric and Jeffey in this process. I am happy that they helped me with everything in the whole process. I would also like to thank Leacymck. He helps me to present the visuals related to the project.
Turkish society will continue to develop and we will create a strong society.
You can review all my work in Turkey and provide feedback.

I will continuously work to increase my work and reach more people.
I would like to organize a conference or a different event in Turkey. I think I will share this in the coming days if I get your positive ideas

Turkish Social Media :

Basic Information

Before I present my proposal, I would like to give some information about the crypto potential in Turkey.

Turkey has experienced a serious revolution in the crypto space in the last 5 years. It is now among the top 5 countries in Europe in terms of crypto usage. People see cryptocurrencies as an option to hedge against inflation. You know that PIVX opened the PIVX/Turkish Lira coin on Gate.io.

The idea of trading with Turkish Lira is an excellent opportunity for Turkish crypto users. However, PIVX has no Turkish resources. So my suggestion is to create a community in Turkey, create Turkish content and create an environment to answer people's questions.


My proposal for PIVX Turkey promotion activities is to serve as an "Ambassador". For this reason, I would like to inform you about the details of what I will do.

Social Media Posts:

I will create Turkish social media accounts for PIVX.

I will create informative and engaging content on a daily basis to be shared regularly on Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. These posts will cover the vision of the project and current developments.

Telegram Community Management:

I will actively manage the Telegram community by encouraging interaction between members, addressing questions and facilitating knowledge sharing. I will also organize regular discussions and events to encourage community growth. One-on-one Turkish support for questions and issues will be helpful. I will also help the community grow further through social media sharing.

YouTube Videos:

I will produce informative and educational videos on a weekly basis. These videos will delve into the project's objectives, technology, and current developments in detail, providing more information to the crypto community in Turkey.

AMA and Reward Events:

I will host regular "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) sessions on platforms such as Telegram and Twitter. During these events, I will answer questions from community members and organize reward-based activities to increase project awareness.

Events and Organizing:

I will organize events and activities targeting the crypto community in Turkey to bring interested individuals together. These events could include seminars, webinars, conferences, and community meetups in various formats.

Increasing Brand Equity:

I will develop various strategies to increase the brand value of the project by promoting it to a wider audience in Turkey. This may include the use of brand fonts, the use of logos, future collaborations with youtubers and managing other marketing activities to increase the visibility and reputation of the project.

This will raise awareness of PIVX in Turkey and encourage more people to join us.

I will also provide you with an updated progress report every 15 days and share potential growth statistics with you.

While trying to inform people about PIVX, I will also learn a lot of information.

All the work to be done will be to increase the awareness of the project in Turkey. In this period when people are turning to crypto because of inflation, creating a conscious community can be excellent.

In addition, 10% of the amount I specified in my offer will be used for community events every month.

My goal is to gain a permanent place in the PIVX community and give people the most accurate information.

I am ready and excited to take on this task.

As I mentioned, I will submit a progress report every two weeks to show my proof of work.

I hope this proposal will be considered and we can start a new initiative in Turkey..

Business Plan and Funding

When I start as an Ambassador, I will work at least 8 Hours a day, including Telegram management / Preparing social media posts and learning new information about the project

This will vary, but as I am acting as an Ambassador, I will not offer hourly bids.

I will be active every minute PIVX needs me.

The amount I request for the 1-month Business plan I mentioned above;

Daily : 100 PIVX
Monthly : 3000 PIVX

In the first month, branded merchandise such as PIVX t-shirts and mugs will be purchased from the requested funding.

10% of the funding requested each month (300 PIVX) will be used for Community development and events.

You can review my offer and ask your questions. I hope we can work together and bring PIVX to the attention and recognition it deserves in Turkey. Thank you very much.

Voting Details:
To Vote YES for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many e9f3d4e098dcb66677ddd3ed2ba99d218334d90419b7bc3f54ca178ca229d563 yes
To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many e9f3d4e098dcb66677ddd3ed2ba99d218334d90419b7bc3f54ca178ca229d563 no

I have modified your post to include the required code blocks. Please include these in future proposals :)

Looking forward to great work from you within the Turkish community. There is a lot to accomplish and i'm certain you alongside with AEK will do great!

Keep up the good work

It takes time to build them up but I know you will. Really like your work so far, the social accounts you have started are active and well laid out. We recently welcomed you to grow with our social team. :)
Looking forward to seeing you grow within the PIVX ecosystem.

Got to point out you are doing the most I have ever seen anyone do with reporting what your doing. If you prefer to do it like that go for it but it must be taking up abit of your time?

1 near the end of your cycle would be enough of what you've done and hopefully it would give you some extra time to focus on other things? Or maybe you just prefer keeping a running update. Either is fine by me.

Agreed! Extra reporting does look good but we are all human and there can’t always be something to report on everyday. Keep up the great work @talhatr and feel free to submit reports at the end of the month or when you renew.

I'm guessing that since he is new, and trust is earned over time, he is going the extra distance to earn that trust quickly. Once we all acknowledge he is doing a great job, he will likely feel comfortable showing less data points, and providing a summary each cycle instead.

I have enjoyed mentoring you as to how community accounts grow on social for PIVX but I have to say, you have caught on extremely well. You're doing really well, thank you. I think what everyone is trying to tell you is that we don't want you to burn out by doing too much at once. :) Reporting at the end of each cycle works well though I do understand why you wanted to show all of us that you are indeed killing it out on socials. The Turkish community is lucky to have you as PIVX is.

Hello @talhatr !

Can you please provide an update for this proposal, showing how active you have been in the Community and what you have accomplished?


Hello everyone PIVX FAM .
I would like to provide an update for the Turkish community;
For the last 1 month I have been working to coordinate social media accounts and provide accurate information and resources to the Turkish community.
While managing local PIVX social media accounts, I was invited by leacymck to join the social media team and I try to support all social media accounts created for PIVX (likes, rt etc).

You can view the accounts here.
Compared to the first month you can see that all accounts have partially recovered.
Some videos on Tiktok got stuck in Community violation, I don't know what is the reason for that. I believe I managed to fix the algorithm, the average views are between 150-200 and will reach higher levels this month.

I am active in the Telegram community, providing service and support to every user. My Telegram username is BYJAYC and you can see my active status when you check telegram.
To be honest, I would like to address some issues;
I would like to point out that our Telegram group is very low in activity compared to the current number (223). 90% of the people who joined the community from the Gate.io event were bot accounts.
My priority is to make the telegram group more active and support people who want to learn about PIVX.
That's why I'd like to announce that I will be hosting a local event this month. I recently shared the offer on the Discord channel and received positive feedback.
I'm sure there will be people committed to PIVX by organizing a local event and there will always be new people joining us.
This is the current progress.

I want to talk about Youtube in the coming days. Normally I committed to publish 4 videos every month.

So far 1 video has been shared and I have 4 videos in stock.
With the Youtube advertising budget, I aim to share these videos at 2 day intervals. I guarantee that a total of 7 Youtube videos will be shared this month.
I am grateful for your trust and support. I would like to state that I am open to all kinds of questions and suggestions :)
2 proposals linking to the same forum post. 1 turkey proposal link not going to anywhere. Can you explain more why multiple are appearing for the same fee?
2 proposals linking to the same forum post. 1 turkey proposal link not going to anywhere. Can you explain more why multiple are appearing for the same fee?
Hello Gerrald First of all, I realize that there is confusion.

I had a URL error when I submitted my idea for an astroturf project to the community. I tried several times but the URL was not valid. So I added a link to this thread to my proposal.

The description and details of my astroturf offer are at this link.

The other Turkish community suggestion in the forum is a suggestion by another user independent of me.

It is not connected in any way. He is the founder of the Turkish telegram group.

You can already see all my work on my proposal in this thread. I hope I have avoided confusion :)
My Telegram username is BYJAC. You can check by entering the Turkish telegram group.

We continue to work on social media. Also, my suggestion for a soccer event seems to be valid for now. Our new youtube video is live. Everything will be better. I'm trying to be useful for PIVX in return for my offer.

I continue to work without slowing down. You can ask all the questions you want to ask.
This is the current statistical information. I continue to work to make it better.

PIVX Türkiye analiz.png


Hello everyone, PIVX Economics Whitepaper is now in Turkish! I have been working on it for about 3 days. I used the applications I used in the translation (Chatgpt 4, Deeply), I had discussions with my friend who is a native English speaker for some terms and finally it is done. I edited the original document and made it exactly the same. Thank you for trusting and supporting me as Ambassador to Turkey. My goal is to reach more people and convey the right information. Together we are strong!!!I did this translation voluntarily for my ambassadorial mission. I will still leave the hint address @Sigge B Sigge mentioned here. I know the community is generous and I didn't do this for a tip .
Still, it makes sense to save the tips and buy myself a new phone :)) In order to give the Turkish people the most accurate information, please send me all the critical documents and I will translate them into my language. Thank you again.Please check the document layout
A big thank you to @Eric_Stanek and @LeacyMcK who have been helping me from the very beginning of the process.

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I continue to work actively. Finally, the banner for the carpet field project has been completed. Soon you will see people playing soccer with PIVX logo jerseys. I am also in talks with a twitter influencer and I will create a strong community with low cost. Thanks for your support.