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PIVX Wallet & False Coin Tally


New Pivian
Good Day Everyone,
I've noticed a trend with PIVX while staking. Over time my wallet increases with coins while staking (a good thing). Not running a GUI, but running pivxd from cli. I check my balance from cli using pivx-cli getinfo. Then when I load a new wallet my balance loses 500+- PIVX coins. This has happened to me with the migration starting with 4.0.1 up to now (4.2.0). Which leads me to some questions. I do monitor the pivx.org for wallet updates and update with a few months of the release.

1. How often should I load a new PIVXSnapshot?
2. How often should the pivxd be restarted?
3. Why is there not a warning is the coins being earned through staking are bogus?
4. How does this happen?
5. How to prevent this happening in the future?

Maybe I missed a document somewhere that states when restarts should happen. If so please share the url.



Staff member
Hey @MammyNunn

The issue comes down to not updating to mandatory releases in time, I would recommend that you just resync from scratch by deleting your blockchain files and opening the PIVX wallet again to resync. The Sync speed has improved drastically.

This shouldn't occur unless you miss a mandatory update. Please join our discord by going to https://discord.pivx.org