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Active PIVX x BetAltCoins Casino integration


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Title: PIVXxBetAltCoins
Name: PIVXxBetAltCoins
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amount: 24 445 PIVX
Total Amount:  24 445 PIVX
Author: Jeffrey
Receiver: Jeffrey
Address: D77xjLjK5dSbSTa5fSXhPYi2EXFWuJakuz
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 5a755b677cdf66c740039ab1532bbc8796eda5a7afabc17047f45c823857ac72

Hi Everyone,

This is a first for PIVX but grows on our ever expanding list of use-cases. I am thrilled to announce that we are partnering with the BetAltCoins Casino! In January 2024 you will be able to use PIVX to play on 3,500 slots, 400 live dealers, and 300 random games as well as E-Sports betting and Sports betting on the BetAltCoins Casino platform. This is an exciting new use case for PIVX as we expand into more domains and maximize out outreach. With this partnership, the PIVX community will be eligible for exclusive giveaways and prizes!
The casino is yet to launch and will only accept a few "partner" cryptocurrencies initially. The partnership in question is an agreement to provide $5000 worth of PIVX to match their $5000 worth to be given to users that signup and play using $PIVX in the form of free play etc. Upon acceptance of the $5000 they will also integrate NowPayments with $PIVX accepted for deposits allowing Pivians to access thousands of casino games.


As always please do your own research and play responsibly. I look forward to establishing many more use-case such as this.

All partnerships are not endorsements but merely contracts of agreements for $PIVX to be integrated and for us to take upon mutual collaborative marketing efforts.

To combat volatility at the time of transacting and exchange fees etc I will add an additional 10% to the proposal ask.

$5000 + $500 buffer = $5500

I will also ask for my 50 PIV back in submission fees.
Total - 24 445 PIVX
Voting Details:
To Vote YES for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many 5a755b677cdf66c740039ab1532bbc8796eda5a7afabc17047f45c823857ac72 yes
To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many 5a755b677cdf66c740039ab1532bbc8796eda5a7afabc17047f45c823857ac72 no
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