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PrettyCobs - Provably fair, on-chain, zero confirmation PIVX dice game


New Pivian
Hello! I've been working on a dice game using PIVX, as an excuse to learn more about PIVX and Angular :)

It's a standard dice game - select a multiplier, send PIV to the address shown on the app. The tx hash of your send, combined with the outpoint and a server secret are used to create a decimal value between 1 and 255 - the _roll_. If your roll is lower than the pre-set game number, you win! Payouts are done instantly, with zero confirmations. The average time between when the system picks up a bet, and when it pays out the win for that bet is less than a second.

Each game has a min bet and a max bet value. If a bet is under the min value, it's considered a gift. If a bet is over the max value, payout is calculated for the max value of that multiplier. On payout, the amount over the max bet is returned along with the payment.

It doesn't support shield transactions (yet) - only transparent.

Server secrets are generated 3 days in advance, and used for 24 hours. Hashes of the secrets are published when they are created. After the active day for a secret is over, the plaintext secret is published as well.

There are no accounts, no signups, I don't want your email or anything like that. Just pick a multiplier and send some coin.

You can find it over at https://prettycobs.com

Take a look and let me know what you think, and any questions you may have!