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Question about staking


New Pivian
Considering all the prerequisites, how long does it take to receive the first reward?

Does the amount of PIV influence this time interval? Example: Do 1 PIV or 10000 PIV have the same time to receive the first reward?

Thank you for listening! I'm Brazilian and I hope to be able to contribute to the community!

(I'm testing with 100 piv, I followed Jeffrey's tutorial, but I'm using mypivxwallet and running Core 24/7. It already has more than 72 hours and more than 4,000 confirmations. Being that it is the second attempt, because the first one took 4 days and I thought there was something wrong and I redid the procedures.)
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Hey @Leander

Cold staking through MPW is a great and simple choice. Once your transaction has 600 confirmations it becomes eligible for staking. Now with a balance of 100 PIVX patience will come into play. You may be lucky and stake in 1-3 days but its more likely to be much longer than 3 days considering a staking input of 500 PIVX can maybe get a reward in 2-3 days. Keep in mind this is all randomised and even a single PIV staking may get a staking reward.

You mentioned you are running the core wallet too? Did you send your funds to the MPW wallet and initiate cold staking from there?
The pivx core is running 24/7, I believe everything is ok:

funds are offline in MPW (y)

I'll wait a few more days,
thanks for replying!