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Archived Web Development and Design (October 2021)


Title: Web Development and Design 2021 (October 2021)
Name: WebDevDes-2021-Oct
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 3000 PIV
Total Amnt: 3000 PIV
Author: Kyeno
Receiver: Kyeno & Meerkat
Address: DCP9PPgiHHGb9tTHvC5BvqUYL5wVkHV9kQ
Created: 2021-10-12
Status: Active
Vote Hash: d933a68107adec153ef8841d27cb2fef8fee921ca1fa1a7233df6fd5ab2b9878


The purpose of this proposal is to ensure that continuously ongoing Web Design and Development efforts are funded in advance, to avoid delays to source funding, when we often need to react quickly.


This time we're asking for 3000 PIVs, and we're applying for one month only. Why so? - you might ask. Just to be fair with fellow Pivians. And only because of that.
Last month hit us hard with sickness (yes. *that* sickness.) and our productivity was rather... poor; especially mine.
Meerkat managed to crawl out of the full-on brain fog and breathing issues state faster than I did and remained somewhat useful, while my "brain power hours" seemed limited to as low as but a few per day.
For that reason we decided to cut our paycheck a bit this month, so we can make it up to you guys and live with a clean conscience.
Next month we'll submit within our normal range. There's still A LOT of cool stuff to be built! 😎


As a Web Developer and Systems Administrator, my responsibilities are:
  • Reacting to urgent (or planned) needs of the PIVX Core Dev and PIVX MBD Teams, providing solutions and code
  • Developing new functionalities on PIVX.org (backend and front-end JS)
  • Enhancing existing functionalities on PIVX.org
  • Designing code and connectivity architecture of services and micro-services PIVX would want to have
  • Maintaining and improving the code (following up with dependencies advancement, 3rd party API changes, removing deprecations, all that jazz)
  • Constantly enhancing systems security and performance, trying to always stay on top of things
  • Creating/removing email accounts (and aliases) for various user and marketing campaign needs
  • Supporting users on Discord whenever I'm capable of doing so (time and knowledge wise)
  • Briefly interviewing and "classifying" programmers/web developers coming to Discord and willing to join the team
As Marketers, our responsibilities are:
  • Support PIVX with ideas
  • Support PIVX with any sorts of potentially lucrative contacts and business deals we might have
  • Help DAOs to look at certain aspects from end-users perspective, trying to optimize towards that point of view
  • Help creating unified campaigns
As Designer and Front-End Developer, Meerkat's responsibilities are:
  • Reacting to urgent (or planned) needs of the PIVX Core Dev, PIVX MBD Team and Community, providing graphics and imagery
  • Mocking up and brainstorming PIVX.org functionalities to come (on the drawing board)
  • Constant brand and web tweaks and adjustments, always staying on top of the trends and design principles
  • Full-time HTML/CSS (Twig/Sass) front-end development for each and every page on PIVX.org


To vote yes:
mnbudgetvote many d933a68107adec153ef8841d27cb2fef8fee921ca1fa1a7233df6fd5ab2b9878 yes

To vote no:
mnbudgetvote many d933a68107adec153ef8841d27cb2fef8fee921ca1fa1a7233df6fd5ab2b9878 no

Thank you! 💜
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This month mostly focused on service, updates, maintenance and generally keeping things up to specs.


Technical tasks finished:
- Reviewed and finetuned Web2Discord bridge with many of the staff members. Waiting for ONE final review before deployment.
- Upgraded stack and firewalls on all 3 web servers; including Debian updates, PHP engine updates, etc.
- Improved SSL policies
- Improved HSTS and general HTTP Header polices (clickjacking mitigation, etc)
- Troubleshooted emailing issues (together with Jeffrey)
- Configured and hosted docs.pivx.org, then guided FlorentG74 around
- Created a few email addresses and forwards for the team
- Reviewed and fixed some of PIVX.org minor bugs

Ongoing conceptual and organisational tasks:
- Revamping structure and UX redesign on current PIVX.org (together with Meerkat)
- Pushing forward contacts around the Arabic translation and potential marketing affairs...

Design tasks finished:
- "Searching for PIVX" and "Visiting PIVX" campaign
- "PIVX Block Explorer" campaign
- 5.3.3 release updates
- "PIVX Kitty" images :)
- "PIVX DJ Benjamin" images
- Website fixes and updates in Exchanges, some minor CSS

Personal tasks finished:
Despite being "personal", those actually affect both our workflow for PIVX and technologies that can/will hopefully be implemented for PIVX in the close future:
- Kyeno's and Meerkat's desktops hardware upgrade; more speed and less bottlenecks for PIVX works!
- Personal development server upgrade (ongoing) + a deep knowledge refresh on very low-level sys internals
- Porting and patching last freely available grsecurity Linux kernel (4.9) to support modern GCC and glibc as well as mitigate few critical exploits discovered between it's release and now; few more tweaks and experiments to be done here, but I truly hope this kernel will land on PIVX webservers one day.

And, of course, some general support given.