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Archived Websummit 2019


New Pivian
Title: Websummit19
Term: 2 cycles
Cycle Amount: 2000
Total Amount: 4000
Author: Buer
Receiver: Buer, Warrows, Cryptosi
Address: DKegcB2bQSPpcuCCfLLpQumZf6Vtq9GTHb
Created: October 19 2019
Status: Proposal

Hello folks,

It's been a while since PIVX attended any large scale events and I've come across the best possible opportunity.
Yours truly procured access to WebSummit (the largest tech event in the world) for a select group of pivians, for FREE!

I have been coordinating this for various months. After many trials and tribulations I am confident enough to publicly announce PIVX's attendance at this event.
Cryptosi, Warrows and myself will be repping PIVX at the conference in Lisbon 4-7 November 2019. We'll also be joined by another Pivian who wishes to remain anonymous, but has been very active in our Project's promotion in Europe.

With this proposal I would like to request a total of 4000 PIVX ~ 800 Euros to pay for our team's lodging for the 3 nights in Lisbon (already paid AirBNB (571.92€), cover all travel expenses of Core Developer @warrows , and maybe have something left for promotional material like flyers and business cards (?), as well as basic sustenance for the team (optional, fasting has become quite fashionable too).

FYI General attendance tickets for WebSummit cost about 1,500 euros a pop (https://websummit.com/tickets).

Update: The proposal is now submitted!
We are looking for 2'000 PIVs per cycle for the next two cycles, for a total of 4'000 PIVX which will pay for the team's lodging, warrow's travel and if possible some merch. We hope to submit another proposal specifically for merchandise and promotional material to be distributed during the conference by next week, for a TBD amount.

Kind Regards,

To vote YES!

mnbudgetvote many 61ddff8ff253b1087c347621a52f3f7be71c3210d1089e149d155334f0679816 yes

To vote NO :/
mnbudgetvote many 61ddff8ff253b1087c347621a52f3f7be71c3210d1089e149d155334f0679816 no

Buy us a beer: DKegcB2bQSPpcuCCfLLpQumZf6Vtq9GTHb
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I think with WARROWS also coming this year we are taking the dream team.

With warrows' technical knowledge
Buers' knowledge of good food,
And my charisma, we will make plenty of good connections, woo them with good food and then blow them away with our knowledge.

Expect some strong business development to come from this trip!


New Pivian
Update! We received a very generous donation from @Rhubarbarian and the ambassador fund. This thankfully covers for nearly all expenses. If this proposal passes the funds will be used to cover the remaining expenses and the rest will be given back to the ambassador fund, perhaps to establish a budget for future events PIVX may attend.


Core Developer
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Good to see you submit another events proposal again. 2019 has been a rough year for our event presence (almost non-existent) compared to 2018. Hopefully moving forward we can get a more steady stream of funds together for events well in advance.