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zPIV in 4.2 QT Wallet


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Hi @Gettingitdoneras

Thanks for your patience. To see your zerocoin balance and to spend it you will need to do all of this via the debug console.

Firstly check to see if your balance is correct by running this command
If the balance is not correct please run each of these commands:
resetmintzerocoin true
Then check balance once again with:

If your balance is still incorrect then please run the following command, please note it can take some time to complete, wait for it to give a response of done.
searchdzpiv 0 10000 2

Once all of your balance is correct simply send your zPIV to any PIVX address you control with the following command:
spendzerocoin amount yourAddress
Thanks Jeffrey. I can see my zpiv now. However the cli is asking for the walletpassphrase. It looks to be in clear text. Can you send me an example of the string spendzerocoin amount my address does not work. Where in the string do I need to add the passphrase.


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You firstly need to unlock your wallet, You can unlock it via CLI by running
walletpassphrase YOURpassword 90

This will unlock your wallet for 90 seconds, you can then run the command to spend the zPIV.