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0% fee PIVX Cold Staking on Allnodes


New Pivian
Instruction for Hardware wallet (Ledger & Trezor):
Please download the latest PIVX Core wallet from the official website. Please note, that PIVX Cold Staking requires installing of PIVX Core wallet even if you stake from Ledger wallet or Trezor.
Open the “RECEIVE” tab and press “Copy”.
Send PIV to the address (even if they are located on your Hardware wallet) and wait for 6 confirmations.
Insert your address with the required amount on your balance here. In the next window insert your Hardware wallet address where you want to hold staked funds.
Receive the instructions and delegate your coins to an Allnodes address. Your coins will be automatically sent to your Hardware wallet address (owner address).
Enjoy the non-custodial Cold Staking for free.

FYI: In order to withdraw rewards from a hardware wallet, you may need to use the PET4L program. Each withdraw can break staking and you will need to setup everything from scratch.

I hope this helps as well.