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Title: Creative Design 5
Name: Wallet4Campaign
Term: 3
Cycle Amnt: 3000 PIV
Total Amnt:  9000 PIV
Author: Rhubarbarian
Receiver: Rhubarbarian
Address: DCbroTid1HjiJHj9cW7dWG5bWXQLF1MkHo
Created: 2019-07-19
Status: Active
PIVX Foundation: able to KYC to receive
The Rhubarbarians (RhubarbMedia.ca) are presenting this new proposal to support any creative design needed for announcements, events, web updates, for PIVX. We will also help fill in the gap in supporting Social media management, although it will be limited.
Same as last round, but we may be taking on a bit more creative to support new team members.
See the previous proposal for recent reports - Creative Design Plus

In addition, we will come up with campaign creative to fill in the gaps between announcements and updates. These will include, but not be limited to sponsorship marketing, contests, General PIVX highlight creative, regional creative marketing support for other language groups. We get inundated by requests every week and this increase will go to help cover this to some level.
We will also continue to offer some skin-in-the-game, offering hours above and beyond the budgeted hours in the budget.
Typical designs work includes:
  • Announcements (Tech, exchanges, community, events, etc)
  • Web graphics updates (Main announcements, Ambassadors, PIVXplaces, PIVXSports, etc)
  • Support of Alliance needs
  • Campaign Creative as time allows
  • Project management
This is on top of all the Ambassador work were doing (separately funded) for local initiatives, meetups and larger event support for events like Seoul, Korea, Bogata Colombia, and Brasil, Venezuala, etc
We’ve been serving the PIVX brand and team since Dec 2016. We’ve stuck with it through good and bad times. We’ve offered help even when budgets were not paid out for various reasons and invested in Exchange additions and other Support needs along the way, donating thousands. Thanks!
With much Purple Love,
Chad Ballantyne and Design Team

Total Budget for creative and branding content creation

• 3000 PIVX/month
Design and Web:
Creative Director - Myself (Chad Ballantyne)
Designer, Jeni Ball, Chad,
Project Management: Rhubarbarian (Chad)
Joelle Crossley

Creative Marketing Support Plus
• 3000 PIVX/month
TOTAL 3000 PIV x 3 months

Proposal Name:
To vote YES
mnbudgetvote many e2a6703592bd084d6d80cd2e0cb45b7ec5eafffcfd25394347f346f380e704e7 yes
To vote NO
mnbudgetvote many e2a6703592bd084d6d80cd2e0cb45b7ec5eafffcfd25394347f346f380e704e7 no

"mnbudget getinfo CreativeDesign5” to check the status
Proposal Fee:
We will not be asking for the 55 PIV in fees to be reimbursed.
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All the design work is super public, but I will summarize. More and more creative is being requested recently, so we'll be taking a look at some increase for this support.
  • This month we worked on all exchange and other integration graphics.
  • For those that didn't know, we created the Foundation brand and website.
  • We created a blog post article on What's the Big Deal with the PIVX Foundation.
  • We put together a creative series for winning proposals and all social posts to promote them - 15 in total
  • All 3.3 and new mobile updates creative
  • Supported PIVXProse articles with custom designs
  • We highlighted our growth on all our social channels with social icon/box series and all social posts
  • Created a series of one-offevergreen slides and graphics for presentations and social (3 ways to Earn, How to Spend, etc)
  • Named and designed the new brand for the PIVX Electrum wallet
  • Created a PIVX brochure (our first) and with the help of @Hanna and team will have versions for 7 languages
  • Re-creating banners and backdrops for the Spanish community for events and meetups
  • Working with @Cryptosi on PIVX Store, Electrum wallet, and other assorted design needs
  • 4.0 Launch Project was such a big project - we created a separate budget - See that proposal here
  • Provided design support for our ambassadors which is ever growing in scope. Also has it's own budget/proposal here
  • Hosted 2 Community Chats
  • Working with Luke Fullbrook on a new campaign (separate proposal here) But have helped promote PIVX via a couple of feature videos and some graphics work to help with the PIVXSports efforts


First of all, do not be so lazy and categorise the work we do as 'assorted design needs'.

Secondly thankyou for the help om electrum building the GUI assets, and for your help branding zephyr.

Thanks finally for your help building graphics for the conference calls and pivx podcasts.

You are appreciated