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Active Social Media Manager 2020Q2.


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Title: Social Media Manager 2020Q2.
Name: SMS_2020Q2
Term: 4 cycles
Cycle amount: 1250
Total amount: 5000
Author: @LeacyMcK
Receiver: @LeacyMcK
Address: DLA5tiG6iT2PUYFiHdwsqb3qh1SLrXLPP5
Created: February 28, 2020
Status: Proposal


The PIVX Social Media efforts are currently performed by the Community, with no single person to help coordinate and unify everyone’s efforts. We are doing well but could be doing much better. My goal with this proposal is to become that ‘Manager’. Initially, I would like to simply add the @_pivx Twitter and Facebook accounts, to the @PIVXcommunity, and Instagram accounts I already manage.

The focus on all my efforts will be to dramatically increase engagement, with a drive to clear out all bot/fake followers using organic growth methods only. Further, I will follow the philosophy of working smarter, not harder and will be encouraging and involving the extremely valuable PIVX Community. The ultimate goal is to ‘clone’ this role in each of the current and future PIVX Communities.


This proposal covers the social media channels listed below.

Twitter (@_pivx and @PIVXcommunity)


I have selected a term of 4 months, to align with fiscal quarters following it. As such, this proposal will cover March, April, May and June. The plan is to submit a new proposal in June, to cover Q3.


I am not asking for the 50 PIV proposal submission fee to be refunded.
Each cycle (750) will be allocated to myself and (500) for tips and rewards for ones that assist, and contests.


1. Define a clear separation of what content should be in each social channel:

Each social channel is different both in functionality and audience. Still, there will be content overlaps for most of them. However, in some cases, there needs to be clear separation such as the differences in content for @_pivx and @PIVXcommunity Twitter accounts. A recent Twitter Poll made the content separation details clear for Twitter. The Community will be consulted for other social channels too.

2. Removal of bots/fake followers:

There are tools that make the removal of fake accounts for Facebook and Twitter. While this will cause short term ‘pain’ watching numbers drop, (Estimate 15-20%) it is necessary since the quality of our followers is an important metric to Facebook and Twitter when ranking the PIVX accounts. It also makes it easier to compare engagement stats, because real people engage, and fake/bot accounts do not.

3. Strategic cross-promotion of all PIVX related areas:

PIVX, PIVX Community, PIVX Foundation, PIVX Gives, PIVX Alliances, PIVX Sports, PIVX Ambassadors.

4. Promotions including the following specific efforts:

New Privacy Protocol
PIVX Espanol
Specific PIVians
Specific Ambassadors
Tips to PIVIans who ‘Step Up’ to fill a role
Weekly polls
Showcase other like-minded privacy Twitter and Instagram accounts.

5. Add PIVians to the Social Media team:

Proper effective Social Media tasks require significant time. Many PIVians have their favourite Social Media channels and are spending time there anyways. Encouraging those people to ‘Champion’ each specific channel will make things much easier, promote engagement and give them recognition as they grow the account.

6. Significantly increase engagement:

Posting is not enough. Liking helps but is not enough. Engagement with people inside and especially from outside the PIVX Community is key.

7. Experiment with new tools and ideas:

We have seen amazing results with extremely low costs, using CoinKit, monetized tweets, and individual reward tips, Some people initially see these as ‘paid advertising’ due to the rewards. However, the amounts paid to individuals are so small, clearly, they are doing it because they love PIVX and appreciate the recognition which is exactly what we want.

Coinkits QR Gift Codes. These can be sent offline, and across other platforms, making this a great asset for an unbelievable ROI. It is new, but we are looking forward to trying it because it could prove to be even more successful than even the Monetized Tweets.


Spring; growth of Cryptocurrency,.
UPF~PIVX backpack giveaway.
Name the caption for this image.
Ideally 1 contest per month

Monthly Reports:

In any effort, there are both indirect and direct outcomes. Each month I will post analytics. I will comment on what I perceive as what worked well, and what I feel there is room for growth if warranted.


The high-level goals I will follow are:

Positive noticeable results with growth and exposure across all 4 PIVX Social Media Channels using a 100% organic grassroots approach.
  1. Create a balanced mixture of posts for technical and non-technical people.

  2. Create roles and encourage PIVians to ‘step up’ and fill those roles.
Past Results:

PIVXcommunity Twitter account:

While the account was created earlier, I started focusing on growing it in September 2019.

Contests and Engagement rate of Monetized Tweets:

Dec 01: Tis The Season To Give! 4.3%

Jan 17: Shapeshift - You forgot PIVX. 2.7%

Feb 09: Valentines 4.1%

NOTE: Approx 98% of our tweets have 1.8% to 5.6% engagement.
Twitter considers 0.33% to 1% a High Influencer score.


Snappy is Back! Privacy Chats 2020
PIVX on Instagram: “Want to know what it will be like when you've downloaded #PIVX's advanced QT based Core Wallet, 4.0? Then compare it to other #crypto…”

#HowWellDoYouKnowPIVX , a weekly poll for Twitter has been added to Instagram with favourable results, these will continue throughout March.

I would like to give special thanks to @sigge B and @Marii’Chuy(Venezuela) for their support and stepping up these last 4 months. I look forward to working with them, @PIVXEspanol and other community members as we grow PIVX Social Media world wide.

Thank you for reading my proposal and for your confidence in me with the prior two proposals that passed.


PIVXcommunity Twitter:https://twitter.com/PIVXcommunity

PIVX Instagram:

Voting Details:

Vote YES Please! mnbudgetvote many a03c9842f304518cf05d015cebfd248d9a127468a44db88b2a991189804d8572 yes

Vote No Thanks: mnbudgetvote many a03c9842f304518cf05d015cebfd248d9a127468a44db88b2a991189804d8572 no
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Maria Silva

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¡Vaya! Gracias a ti por darme la oportunidad de integrarme de manera global en la comunidad de PIVX, a pesar de mi debilidad al no manejar el idioma Ingles. Cuenta con mi apoyo y colaboración para impulsar tu propuesta y hacerla realidad


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¡Vaya! Gracias a ti por darme la oportunidad de integrarme de manera global en la comunidad de PIVX, a pesar de mi debilidad al no manejar el idioma Ingles. Cuenta con mi apoyo y colaboración para impulsar tu propuesta y hacerla realidad
Thank you for being awesome and for your ongoing support and for the achievements you make on a daily basis. :)


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UPDATE: -Out of the 750 PIV I received for this cycle, 250 PIV will be donated towards the 500 PIV allocated to others who are stepping up in helping promote PIVX.
- I am building a group of #PIVXcommunity champions to help in these areas with Sigge and Maria Silva's assistance. Trello app is being looked at to put our tasks and ideas in as it is accessible by cell phone making it more universal for our diverse community members.
-PLEASE note that as I work on the Official PIVX Twitter and Facebook accounts, you will see a decrease in our followers due to ridding the accounts of unnecessary bots. You will also notice that we are in the process of building engagement; inbox messages responded to within 24 hrs max, comments being vetted and responded to get the community talking more with us.
- PIVXcommunity will continue to update the community with PIVX news but we will be focusing more on the human aspect with continued contests and rewards.
-I will be doing bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) reports including analytics.

-Thank you for your ongoing support. :)