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Sep '17

making PIVX understandable for the max amount of people over the world in their local languages and break down the language barrier.
providing the translation support of any information which was shared with our diverse community to prove that PIVX is the most friendly and responsive community in the world!
I have an idea for the next three months for the people who participated in the translation of PIVX.org 1 by free. I would like to start without the confirmed budget in the first-second week of October to understand how many people are involved in the project. I am going to make a proposal but I would like to understand if I have enough enthusiastic people who can support me in this direction. So actually, we will take a risk together.
PIVX.org 1 were translated into 22 languages and only these languages can participate in the next project. Some new pages are coming soon and they will be added to this team.
I will provide a brief description what can be done additionally by our translation team.
Three main directions of translation will be chosen:
  1. Subtitles to the video news. Actually, it has been started and 5-6 languages are covered.
  • Teamwork
  • Tight deadline
  • General language
  1. Block(NEWS) +Adv materials 5-6languages will be covered( all information are available on WEBsite, I didn’t prepare a file yet)
  • Teamwork
  • General language with understanding brand, slogan, and taglines
  • Knowledge of additional software would be an asset
  1. White paper – 5-6 languages will be covered (1700 words)
  • Individual work
  • Technical knowledge and understanding features of cryptocurrency
  • No tight deadline
I plan to start from 6 languages and increase the number of languages each month to translate all White paper, ALL NEWS which was published and subtitles. This is just an introduction to my idea.
I would like to find people who are ready to work with me and the priority has people who translated PIVX.org 1 and had the experience to work with me. It would be good to start from 15-18 different languages in different directions involve max available translators on today.
For example:
SUBTITLE ( 4+4) Sep-Oct
ENGLISH( bases for translation)
Other 5-6 languages
Whitepaper Oct
Other 5-6 languages
I would like that everyone who translated PIVX.org 1 and has a desire to be a part of the translation team
to share with me in Google Doc your RESUME called as LANGUAGE+DIRECTION
What I would like to see:
  • Your nickname and Gmail address.
  • the main LANGUAGE Group.
  • What direction are the most preferable for you( Subtitles, News, Whitepaper)?
  • What is your expected wage in PIV for the completed job in chosen direction( I want to compare with my point of view)?
  • What other languages do you know?
  • Education( don’t need the name of college and university)?
  • Translation experience?
  • Some other skills which you see can be beneficial in this type of job?
  • Why are you motivated to translate for PIVX?
And again, this is very important that I would like to start without the confirmed the first-second week of October to understand how many people are involved in the project. So actually, we will take a risk together. I will take the responsibility to choose the people and create the groups per direction based on the information from your files. I will not make an offer to people who didn’t take an initiative to participate in the next project.