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Title: Translation Support V11
Name: Translation Support V11
Term: 3 cycles
Cycle Amount: 2500
Total Amount: 7500
Author: Hanna PIVX
Receiver: Hanna PIVX
Address: DLhERq8zsorStP55uV9dvCUqNViDGKUUYZ
Created: December 30, 2019
Status: Proposal
#TranslationPIVXteam Proposal:

where we continue providing outgoing translation support to the global announcement about the latest PIVX achievement.
A goal of the translation team is to reach a foreign audience of the global coin over the world and educate people who want to use PIVX in real life.


• Translate PIVX news, blog, press releases, marketing material per request Marketing team
to reach a wide foreign audience and maintain the website into the most popular languages


Provide the subtitles to the promotional PIVX video



Why support other languages and cultures for the PIVX team should be important.
PIVX.org is visited by a diverse audience, and it would be fair to be understandable for everyone who helps to bring new people.
I suppose, that the translation team and our job provide a strong background for other teams who focus on international business.
Also, the translation freelance job can be considered as one of the adoption forms of PIVX worldwide, and I hope you understand this too.



Want to know about the translation PIVX Team more follow the hashtag #TranslationPIVXteam
on Social Media. We are doing a little more than just translation.
The detailed report about our completed jobs you can always find under each of my previous proposals.


I would like to ask the part of the budget for the next round of translation support.

2000 words text translation into 10-5 languages 1500 PIV
5 min video translation into 5 languages 500 PIV
Project management 500 PIV


3000 words text translation into 10-5 languages 2000 PIV
Project management 500 PIV

2500 PIV (550 USD) per month for the next 3 months for the translation team

I am not asking about proposal fee 50 PIV

7500 PIV In general

I think that you find our proposal reasonable and useful for developing and promoting global private coin for reaching the next high level. On behalf of the translation team,

I would express appreciation to everyone who makes time to consider our proposal. With hopes on further cooperation with all members of the PIVX community.

Votes details:

mnbudgetvote many
65b59291867049a9678f66a559200f284530155bebb40d7b5419d4726c999695 yes

mnbudgetvote many
65b59291867049a9678f66a559200f284530155bebb40d7b5419d4726c999695 no

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my proposal and for your consideration.:coffee:
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January 7- February 2020
Let you know that #TranslationPIVXteam provided support in 5-10 languages of the mentioned PIVX products:

DYK PIVX GitHub is on fire


PIVX Core Wallet 4.0.1
Announcement v4.0.1 is Now Available! on the Home page
PIVX Core v4.0.2 is Released
Announcement v4.0.2 is Now Available! on the Home page
PIVXDEVsUpdate Jan 2020

You can find more detailed information in the Translation Support V11report