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Upgrade from PIVX Core Wallet 2 to Version 4


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I had an old PIVX Version 2 wallet on this computer. At an additional computer I have a PIVX wallet (with the same wallet.dat) in Version 3, but I did not upgrade the wallet.dat file.

Now on this computer i installed the new PIVX core wallet. At start I get the message: "Error at Initialisation of the wallet database" ("Fehler bei der Initialisierung der Wallet Datenbank Umgebung ....".
The path is correct. But the wallet files are from Version 2.

What must I do for upgrading/migration?

Thanks for help.


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Hi @kiwi It's recommended that when updating from a much older PIVX installation that you remove your blockchain files and resync. Never delete any wallet.dat always keep multiple backups.

Use the snapshot here: https://snapshots.pivx.org/ and follow the guide on the same page. This will speed up your sync dramatically.


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Hello, thanks for your response.

In the moment I am dowloading the zipped blocks.
What was the reason for the error message?
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