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Open Warning: Peers are Being Disconnected Due to Time Differernces


New Pivian
I just installed the new wallet version V4.0.0. When I open the new wallet and start to try to sync it, I get this errror:

Warning: Peers are being disconnected due to time differences. PLease check that yourr computer's date and time are correct!
If your clock is wrong PIVX correr will not work properly.

I have checked my computer's tiome and date.
I have checked my rrouters time and date.

What could be the prroblem here?


New Pivian
On top of this, the 4.0.0 wallet is not updating using the Bootstrap method. The wallet does not show that it is "Importing blocks from disk", it only updates online and is obviously very slow.


Staff member
:) figured I assisted you already via support ticket on freshdesk? Timesync is a great tool.

Let me know if you require any further assistance.