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    Archived Web Development and Design 2021-Q2

    You definitely make some good points. For my thesis project, I had to make a workable prototype for a website using Adobe XD and CSS. I experienced some problems mostly with the coding part, because I couldn’t get rid of some bugs, but in the end, everything worked out. I took some inspiration...
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    Archived PIVX Instagram and PIVXcommunity Social Media Management

    What you are doing is just fine, but your Instagram promotion is not very good, the fact is that 300 profiles visit you maximum and this is very small, but there is a way out of any situation. For example, you can buy subscribers and likes for a small fee on the service...
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    Pick a Name for PIVX Electrum....... VOTING NOW OPEN

    For sure isn't bad idea.
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    Archived CoinKit - Tipbot

    SUch a nice bot.Use it already one week and not observe some lags