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    Draft PIVX Labs Expansion

    I first read ROGANIZE as ROGAINE-IZE and thought @Snappy was referring to his hair care. (So THAT'S the secret!) Love to see this proposal succeed. Joe Rogan or not.
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    Active Doc-Support-Website

    Hey @FlorentG74 ! Can you please give a status update on this proposal? I haven't seen any mention anywhere about any activity on this. Thanks.
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    Active PIVX Marketing Fund Jul-Dec 2021

    Can we get an update on the Biz Dev Blitz / Marketing proposals please?
  4. Eric_Stanek - accountless, private, pivx <-> btc swapper

    This service is working very slick for me.
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    Active PIVX Web Servers (Jul-Dec 2021)

    Title: PIVX Web Servers (Jul-Dec 2021) Name: WebServers2021_Q3-Q4 Term: 6 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 330 PIV Total Amnt: 1980 PIV Author: Eric Stanek Receiver: Eric Stanek Address: D99sQSR3mH4xFatXMuTDCq1EhXNisPhNRZ Created: 2021-06-18 Status: Active Vote Hash...
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    Archived PIVX Web Servers (Apr-Jun 2021)

    Just a simple report to note that the price did actually drop significantly. As such, there is no credit available at the end of the proposal. I will be submitting a new one shortly.
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    Awaiting Feedback PIVX-Doc-Support-Website

    Sorry - something is not clear to me. The raw data will be held and maintained in a Github repo for the PIVX Project, but will be 'displayed' on the documentation website? Basically, I am trying to wrap my head around where the 'master branch' is, and what is a remote of that repo.
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    Awaiting Feedback PIVX-Doc-Support-Website

    To answer your questions ... Hosting should be pretty easy to add to an existing server. Not familiar with the tech stack chosen though. Check with @Kyeno for compatibility. I would think that updates to the website are just editing links. Again - check with @Kyeno for impact. If you...
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    Archived PIVX Dev Fuzz (April-June 2021)

    @fuzzbawls Hoping you have time soon to answer the above question.
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    Archived Migrate More Legacy News to

    What is the current status?
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    Archived PIVX Dev Fuzz (April-June 2021)

    @fuzzbawls I don't think the general Community understands what software development is like, let alone the high level required, or the 'non-code based duties' that also must be done. In their mind, we have 3 developers. But, if you split your time into Development and Non-Development...
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    Archived PIVX Dev Fuzz (April-June 2021)

    Hello Fuzzbawls! I will ask you a similar question that I asked for the other Developer Proposal. I know CryptoMiso stats are not always an accurate comparison metric for projects, and much of what you do with 'Dev Ops' and other typical tasks you listed is completely outside of Github...
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    Community Treasury Payouts - how it works?

    Hello Alexxiy, I have done development in the past, but I have not written a single line of code for PIVX (Or any crypto project for that matter). Sorry, but our developers are slammed for time and can only support PIVX. Good luck!
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    Archived PIVX Dev Funding (Apr-Jun 2021)

    Hey Furszy! I know CryptoMiso stats are not always an accurate comparison metric for projects, but regardless how people make that qualification, it is clear a ton of work is getting done by the Core Dev team. Can you please educate us on how that is accomplished? I am aware of the extreme focus...
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    Archived Web Development and Design 2021-Q2

    Title: Web Development and Design 2021-Q2 Name: WebDevDes-2021-Q2 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 2500 PIV Total Amnt: 7500 PIV Author: Eric Stanek Receiver: Kyeno Address: DP4BdmXsiZjh6u4wXUTuNKm4kcDzXXXA74 Created: 2021-03-31 Status: Active Vote Hash...