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    Active PIVX Dev Fuzz (April-June 2021)

    @fuzzbawls Hoping you have time soon to answer the above question.
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    Ended Migrate More Legacy News to

    What is the current status?
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    Active PIVX Dev Fuzz (April-June 2021)

    @fuzzbawls I don't think the general Community understands what software development is like, let alone the high level required, or the 'non-code based duties' that also must be done. In their mind, we have 3 developers. But, if you split your time into Development and Non-Development...
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    Active PIVX Dev Fuzz (April-June 2021)

    Hello Fuzzbawls! I will ask you a similar question that I asked for the other Developer Proposal. I know CryptoMiso stats are not always an accurate comparison metric for projects, and much of what you do with 'Dev Ops' and other typical tasks you listed is completely outside of Github...
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    Community Treasury Payouts - how it works?

    Hello Alexxiy, I have done development in the past, but I have not written a single line of code for PIVX (Or any crypto project for that matter). Sorry, but our developers are slammed for time and can only support PIVX. Good luck!
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    Active PIVX Dev Funding (Apr-Jun 2021)

    Hey Furszy! I know CryptoMiso stats are not always an accurate comparison metric for projects, but regardless how people make that qualification, it is clear a ton of work is getting done by the Core Dev team. Can you please educate us on how that is accomplished? I am aware of the extreme focus...
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    Active Web Development and Design 2021-Q2

    Title: Web Development and Design 2021-Q2 Name: WebDevDes-2021-Q2 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 2500 PIV Total Amnt: 7500 PIV Author: Eric Stanek Receiver: Kyeno Address: DP4BdmXsiZjh6u4wXUTuNKm4kcDzXXXA74 Created: 2021-03-31 Status: Active Vote Hash...
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    Archived Web Development and Design 2021-Q1

    Hello everyone! This is the likely the final update to this proposal which completes at the next super block. A new proposal will reference this proposal and as such, we want to have the report current for those deciding how to vote on it. Here is a copy of the tasks completed since the last...
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    Active PIVX Web Servers (Apr-Jun 2021)

    Title: PIVX Web Servers (Apr-Jun 2021) Name: WebServers2021Q2 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 150 PIV Total Amnt: 450 PIV Author: Eric Stanek Receiver: Eric Stanek Address: DRYZauxqJYctP4jcHtMsPF1r9PctgB1riG Created: 2021-03-28 Status: Active Vote Hash...
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    Draft Pivx.Poker Development

    Overall, I think the idea is great. But, the open source code you plan to use should be selected first I think. Then I am wondering if you can break it down into steps/milestones. Like first making a quick and dirty version work on PIVX testnet for example. Have the Community try to 'break'...
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    Archived SENTINEL Alliance Year 1

    Yes. MNOs control the flow of Treasury funds. That is all. No need to wait to prove that. It has happened at every super block and will continue.
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    No. What this proves Borris is that you are blinded by your own misplaced anger. You STILL didn't read the short proposal. There was an error in the proposal. A new one was created. MNOs were asked to vote down the old one. They did. Those are the results you posted. They were asked to vote...
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    Open Warning: Peers are Being Disconnected Due to Time Differernces

    Windows is terrible at keeping time. PIVX requires accuracy much less than 1 minute. Please install and you should be all set.
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    Archived SENTINEL Alliance Year 1

    Wow. Perfect example of what I just stated in another post. You can answer your own question. Here is how you do it. 1. Scroll. 2. Read. I can no longer continue to moderate your posts every day. I know it has only been 2 or 3 days, but clearly you are not even trying to improve. Starting...
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    As I stated above, and a few times before, I do not have the right to unilaterally remove your Discord ban. The DAO made that decision. Yes, I am confident my view is correct. Please feel free to reach out to any member willing to listen. Perhaps you can convince them to 'sponsor' you and...