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    Ended Micro Business PIVX Community Project

    This is evolving into nothing. Your just bypassing the masternodes votes into an even more centralised "loan system" which you control the funds. If someone has an idea and wants funds they submit a proposal. If they don't want to pay out the 50piv for the proposal fee they include that in...
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    Ended Micro Business PIVX Community Project

    Na this is not what the funding is for. We don't need to pay people to bring people to pivx and tip them if they make a use case. If they are truly a volunteer pivx ambassador they do not need this as they are already committed. If they are not should they really be a volunteer?
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    Try t¥ help? Banned!

    Tried to bring new people in. No discussion of what they could do. Instant ban because we don't like you.
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    Archived PIVX Marketing Fund Jan-Jun 2022

    Thanks for the update
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    Archived Should a summary report be made?

    The 10 piv was only added as you can't put a proposal in without a minimum of 10. 412 / 383 currently. A large number of masternodes agrees more than the nos but I suspect you can change that % to favour nos very easily. Its pretty clear from reading all the info available that the yes and no...
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    Archived Should a summary report be made?

    Continuing the discussion from discord. This proposal is a question to ask masternode owners if they would like to see more transparency with the funds that are provided by the treasury. The suggestion would be to write a report at the end of cycle and show how funds were spent to then...