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    Ended PIVX Labs Expansion

    Amazing work! This looks great and we actually are growing!
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    Masternode Setup Guide

    For people doing it the first time i think you also need to do this: cd ~/pivx-5.1.0/ && ./ before starting the wallet or it will complain.
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    Archived Additional Marketing Fund Jan-Jun 2021

    Keep up the awesome work. I Say go for it.
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    Archived PIVX Reddit Promotion Nov-Feb

    Totally agree with others, your doing amazing work with the community so i'm all in for this.
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    Draft Website 2.0

    I'm all in for the new portal and the speed bump it adds. Maybe a new refreshed design could be possible? Considering the new privacy and all we could have a new look and feel for the site. One thing i really dont like today is the color of the text and the white background. I'm maybe getting...
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    PIVX Cold Staking

    Overall good proposal. Also missing the info about "staking amount being paid to cold stakers ". And i dont get the Cons part. How is it different from current system? They cant still stake even today just using a wallet. Dont see a huge different beside convenience.
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    Archived PIVX Electrum Wallet proposal (April 2019)

    All good points. I agree with fuzzbawls the the core wallet is far superior at this point. However more exposure means more people get to know about this great project and Electrum is a known name. And as Cryptosi points out the open source nature of the wallet will allow new people be creative...
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    Archived PIVX Dev April 2019

    Great with the new proposal! You have my vote!