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Ended VPS_Expenses_2024_Aug-Jan


Title: VPS_Expenses_2024_Aug-Jan
Name: VPS_Expenses_2024_Aug-Jan
Term: 1 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 7687 PIV
Total Amnt: 7687 PIV
Author: vampyren
Receiver: vampyren
Address: DEEXpN584FxkpY3GeFs9a8Vx8jnYuyoXG1
Created: 20206-08
Status: Active
Vote Hash: edd06646b59ff6fd0fb519b308e483a5eed1dcf22c8d37a4fbf4d4c213c03d86

Hello everyone,
This proposal is to cover costs for our servers (details below) for the period in title!

We have in total 5 servers right now but they are different in spec. You find the details below!

Server Specs:
- 3x Shared CPU - 8 GB - 160 GB - $48
- 2x dedicated CPU - 8 GB - 160 GB $72
- Backup cost $10 for 4 server!

All prices are in USD and there is also a 25% tax on top of above price.

So basically monthly cost will be
3 x $48 = $144 (shared servers)
2 x $72 = $144 (dedicated servers)
4 x $10 = $40 (backups)
Total: $328 without tax and $410 including tax!
Total for all servers: 6 month x 410 =2460 $

The current price for PIVX is ~$0.32 -> works out to 7687 PIV for re requested period.

I am not including the 50 PIV cost for submitting this proposal!

I will not be reporting out any further details.

Subject to change:
If price goes down to much before i get the funds, i will have to adjust the months the money can cover.

To Vote Yes:

mnbudgetvote many edd06646b59ff6fd0fb519b308e483a5eed1dcf22c8d37a4fbf4d4c213c03d86 yes

To Vote No:
mnbudgetvote many edd06646b59ff6fd0fb519b308e483a5eed1dcf22c8d37a4fbf4d4c213c03d86 no
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Hi guys,
Luckily the price has moved up 6-7% today so based on today's price that i will secure i will be getting
7687 piv * 0.26$ = 1 998$
2460$ (cost for 6 months) - 1998$ (what i got) = 461$ (1 month cost 410$)
Based on this i will remove one month from the period and cover the rest from pocket.
So the Piv i got will cover for Aug-Dec now.