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Archived 30 Day Lockdown Challenge!


Name: 30DayChallenge

Term: 1

Cycle Amnt: 1,000 PIV

Total Amnt: 1,000 PIV

Author: Borris

Receiver: Luke Fullbrook

Address: DDJh3NQt5uEtKftuK3RS4rnvxtsoqovF5j

Hello Everybody

This is fullstrength001.

Hope you are all well and staying strong during these testing times we see ourselves in!

As you know social media marketing is insane right now and it is the perfect opportunity for us to work together increasing exposure of PIVX.

I am looking for 1000piv for the next 30 days.

I'm looking to reach out to my followers on social media and provide a free 30 day fitness and wellness challenge, that they are able to complete from the comfort of their homes. Something I did in the previous lockdown which proved a huge hit worldwide! I received so far around 1000 views on each of my posts, which were posted daily detailing the specifics of what the challenge entailed that day. 30 posts in 30 days - a mixture of videos and stills with hashtags to encourage engagement.

The challenge was also posted on Facebook and in relevant gym related groups and i intend to do the same this time.

Those taking part in the challenge tagged me in their progress giving me further exposure and reach.

It is my intention to promote PIVX through my Instagram story, where I can directly guide my 11k followers to the PIVX website, communicate through video with challenge information wearing PIVX branded clothing and post training videos (pre injury) and my recovery journey also wearing the brand.

Hope to hear from you soon and see the progress you make. Make sure to tag me and post your progress.

Luke Fullbrook

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