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Ended Ale PIVX dev re-pay

Name: Ale dev refund
Term: 1 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 12,500
Total Amnt: 12,500
Author: Alessandro Rezzi
Receiver: Alessandro Rezzi
Address: D8p4PX3vjDub7HVxQ8kiNnj3LmSUg5aHwG
Created: 6-16-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: b1140a556fb3639205cb3020bf18d9c70a9f2135e188e1bdb18722ab4f7cdda5

Proposal info:

Last month, due to overbudget, my proposal ( https://forum.pivx.org/threads/ale-pivx-dev-may-june.2075/) has been downvoted. When I knew that I wasn't getting funded I stopped working, but it was more or less in the middle of the month, so I did regardless half cycle of unpaid work.
With this proposal I am therefore asking for a refund of half the original amount I asked which is 25000/2 = 12500 PIVs

What I did in the first half of the cycle:

I worked only on My PIVX Wallet with the following contributions:
Less important contributions
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