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[*]Title: Alliance between PIVX and Merge
[*]Name: Alliance_Merge
[*]Term: 1
[*]Cycle Amnt: 50
[*]Total Amnt: 50
[*]Author: Cryptosi & Sparrow
[*]Receiver: Cryptosi
[*]Address: DHj685YVZHK87iReB2unZfQJ5zkPgod9g9
[*]Created: 21st August 2019
[*]Status: Proposal


The ultimate goal and focus on establishing an alliance between PIVX and ProjectMerge for project ‘Meet-Cute’ is to assist PIVX with its non-core related operations. These non-core related items offer the PIVX team a more community-friendly engagement and platform; all the while freeing up the PIVX Core developers time so they can remain focused on what they do best; PIVX CODING.

With these key deliverables:
1 – PIVX Snapshots - http://snapshot.projectmerge.org/pivx/

2 – PIVX Lite Explorer - https://lite-explorer.pivx.org/

3 – PIVX Full Explorer - https://mainnet-explorer.pivx.org/

4 – PIVX Lite Testnet - https://testnetlite-explorer.pivx.org/

5 – PIVX Full Testnet - http://testnet-explorer.pivx.org/

6 – Merge Toolbox – http://toolbox.projectmerge.org

ProjectMerge will set up, support and maintain the these 6 listed PIVX non-core essentials

Provide explicit details
This Alliance will be between PIVX and Merge and will focus around Merge providing key services for PIVX users such as explorers (mainnet & testnet) and snapshots as well as the Merge toolbox.
In return Merge would like some kudos and recognition from the PIVX marketing, social media and graphics teams. This could be in the form of occasional tweets highlighting the services that Merge offer and bringing general exposure to their project. They will also try to bring spotlight to PIVX but they have a considerably smaller following,

There will be no payment made or recieved for this Alliance except re-imbursement of the 50PIV proposal fee.
Communication about this Alliance will be held in Discord channe Alliance_Merge (if the proposal passes)
All 5 platforms are live and have been for a short time with some members of the PIVX Development Team, Support Team and their Community already experiencing and benefiting from the specific/ unique service.

Reviews in each various form will take place each quarter for approximately 2 weeks to allow all parties involved to properly provide enough adequate data to be quantifiable. The results from the gathered data will determine the action plan and the direction of any fixes that need to be implemented.

CryptoChristo is the contact to speak to regarding this proposal on the Merge side, along with Sparrow. Both are members f the PIVX discord.
From the PIVX side Cryptosi will be the contact for this Alliance

This is a pretty straightforward Alliance and Sparrow and Rhubarbarian have already started discussions on how best to market this Alliance.

Here is the Voting information:


hash= c44f74424f5c591a5c8de1a96dfcf417cb7ce00b648721703076c6b411ac7f5a

“mnbudgetvote c44f74424f5c591a5c8de1a96dfcf417cb7ce00b648721703076c6b411ac7f5a yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudgetvote c44f74424f5c591a5c8de1a96dfcf417cb7ce00b648721703076c6b411ac7f5a no” to vote against

"getbudgetinfo c44f74424f5c591a5c8de1a96dfcf417cb7ce00b648721703076c6b411ac7f5a” to check the status
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