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Archived Banner and landing page campaign - initial funding request


Hi all,

I am requesting 11500 PIV from the DAO treasury to fund our first CoinZilla banner advertising campaign. CoinZilla is one of the leading crypto ad networks, providing quality traffic from hundreds of crypto sites and the ads will be placed on a selection of platforms in their premium portfolio (the exact sites still need to be confirmed with CoinZilla but I have attached a PDF so you can see their coverage).

These funds will be used solely to top up the CoinZilla account that Jeffrey has set up and KYC'd, and will not be used to pay myself or Jeffrey.

I have designed an animated 300x250 banner ad that will link to a new PIVX landing page, which will in turn will aim to funnel visitors to our official Discord server.

Banner ads on CoinZilla are purchased on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. I will start with a small CPM bid and optimise from there, based on performance data. The goal is to efficiently get the PIVX brand in front of a crypto-savvy audience to make onboarding easier (eg. less educating for us to do).

The requested funds will enable us to run initial testing. This data will show us the clickthrough rate, conversion rate, and allow us to refine the targeting. We can then optimize the creative, landing page, and bids to improve results.

Starting small and iterating quickly will help ensure an efficient campaign. While a larger upfront budget would allow faster testing, I believe this incremental approach will provide the most value.

The requested amount for this first campaign is 11500 PIV (approx $2,500)
I will also be requesting the 50 PIV submission fee.

Thanks for reading and any questions pls ping me in the Discord server: `sh__n`

Example ads and formats: https://coinzilla.com/formats/