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Archived Blackhat Coin (BLKC)


New Pivian
I looked in my Governance (DAO) tab in my PIVX Wallet and I saw a proposal for "BlackHat Coin (BLKC)" pointing to https://blackhatco.in with a 1000.00 PIV cost. What is this? Is this some kind of PIVX spinoff coin? And why are we voting on it?
Anyone can submit a proposal for anything. The reason there is a fee is to submit a proposal is to prevent spam. Clearly someone felt it was worth it to pay the 50 PIV to submit that one to get their spam in front of your eyes. Perhaps we need to raise it back again? I think it was much higher before.

Anyways, it creates a good example proving why a proposal submission fee is needed, as that often comes up for discussion, and the fact we can't stop a proposal submission from happening, even if it is spam, proves the proposal submission process is decentralized.