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Archived Blockchain Summit Latam 2019 (Panama City) - Ambassador SamGiset

Sam Giset

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Title: Blockchain Summit Latam 2019 (Panama City) -Ambassador SamGiset
Name: BSL19-Panama-SamGiset
Term: 1 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 12390
Total Amnt: 12390
Author: SamGiset
Status: Active

Hello everyone, I'm Sam Giset. I am an ambassador of PIVX in Venezuela.

I'm very excited to make my first proposal.

Open this pre-proposal to discuss my assistance, one of the PIVX Spanish Ambassadors to The Blockchain Summit Latam 2019, that will be held in Panama City on December 4 and 5.

What is Blockchain Summit Latam?
The Blockchain Summit Latam (BSL) It is a conference that seeks to unite developers, enthusiasts, companies, and institutions around the development of Blockchain technology in Latin America, for its origin, environment, and potential of this technology in the region. Website (Spanish): https://www.blockchainsummit.la

Events like the BSL are wide coverage and projection for projects, there is the opportunity to establish good relationships and make PIVX known with new people.

My proposal is:
Project the attendance to the event with cryptoinfluencers and communities from other platforms before attending the event and after attending the event.
I will compile audiovisual information for different social media, including my city's local TV.
If approved this proposal would coordinate with the Spanish speaking ambassadors who will be attending to make a proposal to bring POP material and make many people have experience with PIVX.

In this link, you can see the experience with PIVX at an Entrepreneurs Fair Expo in Ciudad el Tigre - Venezuela. https://pivx.org/expo-entrepreneurs-fair-in-the-city-of-el-tigre-venezuela/

Acomodation: 500 $
Ticket: $350
Flight: 1200 $
Food and other expenses: $400
Internal logistics: $400
Total USD: $2850
Total PIV: 12309*

* I fix my proposal in 10,800 PIV because it is the maximum the system allows.

In my budget, I contemplate the internal logistics to manage the Panamanian visa. Today there are few airlines traveling from Venezuela directly to Panama so I consider preventive travel expenses including a stopover in Colombia, If the budget is not approved, I will not be able to attend the event. I will be happy to read your comments.

mnbudgetvote many 0077e2bb506e11dbfa1a1529606142c09aa13f3c4d3b0a9a2238315a4a99fd55 yes
MEH 💔:
mnbudgetvote many 0077e2bb506e11dbfa1a1529606142c09aa13f3c4d3b0a9a2238315a4a99fd55 no

PIVX Central: http://pivxcentral.org/view-proposal?id=203

Check our links:

¿Por qué PIVX? https://porquepivx.com/
Here you can see the proposal of another ambassador of the Spanish PIVX team. https://forum.pivx.org/index.php?th...tam-2019-panama-city-ambassador-onezetty.476/ Thank Zetty!
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Unfortunately, I had to vote no on this one. Nothing against you personally, and i'm sure you would be a great addition to attending the event. My decision was based solely on the excessively large requesting amount, taken at face value. Our monthly budget is capped to a PIV amount so it is extremely difficult to justify allocating 1/4 of that budget for any one person to attend an event.

In these times where the USD/Fiat valuation of PIV is low, we're all having to make sacrifices and "tighten the belt" as it were, to the point of our proceeds from the budget not covering the actual costs or work hours spent. Hopefully this situation will improve as time goes on, until then though; keep your chin up and keep the ideas flowing :)

Sam Giset

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Thank you for answering, I understand the current situation of PIVX and I really wish many successes for the project. Financial decisions are justifiable, so don't worry.
Thanks @fuzzbawls