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Hi all.
In order to complete item 1 of the BlockDX Roadmap that was discussed on a previous thread here: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/blockdx-alliance-v1.1192/post-3079) further design work is needed to complete the BlockDX v2.0 UI design so it is ready to pass to a developer.

The bulk of this design work will be to finish designing the states and variations for all UI components (fonts, buttons, forms etc) and then to prepare the design document so that is ready to hand-off to a developer. Currently the BlockDX UI v2.0 design work is at the prototype stage (meaning it could be used for marketing and product discussions) but it is not yet ready for a developer to work from.

This proposal is to cover the work needed to complete the UI design project to a point where it can be handed-off to a developer for them to code the new UI in ReactJS.

Current design work can be seen here:


Remaining workload estimate:​

- Design and components: 5 days (~40hrs)
- Assets and export: 2 days (~16hrs)

Total amount: 60hrs @ $45/hr = $2700 = 11900 PIVX
Term: 1 cycle

(rate from Coingecko 13th Dec 2022)

* Any unused hours from this proposal will be rolled-over for PM tasks for the UI build project.
* Any hours worked on the UI design over the scope of this proposal will be volunteered.


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Hi all,

The design work detailed in the post above has almost been completed so I am sharing it here for reference. There have been a few minor changes and updates to some styles, but mostly the work has been to prepare the design and components ready for a dev to build from.

The design work is done in Figma, and then output to Zeplin which allows developers to view important details such as measurements, fonts used, colours and other code so they can build quicker and keep to the design.

Zeplin project overview: https://scene.zeplin.io/project/63bc19e1d8ec139181f954b7

If you have any questions about the design work, my proposal or the BlockDX Alliance please comment below or ping me in Discord ;)



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