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Archived CDG: Adding a new ‘Business’ Governance Category


Jan '18

When I prepared the recent proposal to expand the areas that the Community will be able to vote on, I suspected that there would be a 4th category, but at the time, it escaped me. Given recent events using the word ‘Partnership’, as well as the need of some 3rd parties to have PIVX members sign NDAs etc., it is clear to me know that we do need some way to ‘authorize’ people to act on our behalf in certain areas, and to get approval from the community before making relationships with other organizations ‘official’.
No ‘Foundation’ Thanks:
Some other Crypto-Currencies address issues such as this by forming a ‘Foundation’ and giving it appropriate powers. While this proposal does not prohibit that from happening, it hopefully will remove the need for a legal entity such as that. The closer we can stay to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomus Organization) the better.
Proposal Types:
Some of the types of Proposals that I can see being categorized as ‘Business’ Proposals are:
  • Selecting PIVX Community Member(s) to act as ‘Agents’ for PIVX for NDA related activities, such as working with an Exchange to add PIVX.
  • Voting on defining relationships with other organizations as ‘PIVX Official Partner’. (Note we may need to use a different word, because ‘Partner’ implies a legally binding arrangement. So, we may end up using ‘Alliance’ etc. Point here is that whatever the word - it would need to be voted on by the community.)
  • Vote on PIVX Trademark/Copyright efforts/application etc.
  • Vote on a Title/Role a person may use for interacting with the ‘Conventional’ business world and the responsibilities that go with that.
Proposal Characteristics:
Some characteristics of this new ‘Business Category’ that I see:
  • Many, but not all, will be ‘Zero Cost’ proposals. (Ask for a decision only.)
  • Similar to the ‘Manifesto’ category, we will want to somehow ensure everyone is informed.
  • This proposal category will deal with business activities and relationships between the PIVX Community and the ‘conventional’ business world.
  • Some proposals will be binding until a new proposal changes/reverses a decision.
  • Some proposals will be binding for a fixed term and will expire at some point.
  • These proposals all work towards making PIVX a proper DAO.
We Need To Talk:
At this point, I simply ask for extensive discussion on this topic. When we get to the point of submitting it as a proposal, I will likely add a new post to capture all the changes in it. Then everyone will get one more chance to review before voting.
Let’s hear your feedback!