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Cloning PIVX network

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New Pivian
Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you.
I am really interested in PIVX blockchain, and I wonder if it's legal to clone PIVX without their confirmation.
If it's okay, I just want to change network name and main token name for now.
After that, I will add some features on the base of not changing main properties of PIVX.
If it's illegal, I will not perform any change.
Hope your response.
Thank you.
legal? yes, as long as you maintain all copyright notices in the source files.

but, why not propose your changes to PIVX directly instead of making a new coin?
because when I proposed something like that - after writing the thing for half an hour - my thread is not approved and cut up ...
I love holding PIVX.

I have a new project. My project is going to be my life.

I want PIVX to help.

I am not able to fork PIVX - in the time frame that I have. Otherwise I should be able to. I dont want to take the help of the "teams" on contracting platforms. For many reasons. I dont want to deal with decenomy and others that approach me and ghost me. I want pure PIVX for my pure project.

Each time this discussion starts, what happens is that some body big comes and says why dont I ask for features in PIVX - well I agree. But yo are the means to my project, my project will CEASE to exist if it becomes the means to PIVX.

Please see, the best interests of the PIVX community is to take respect from small entities like me and give to bigger ones that deserve - and that should be my project, if it can unfurl.

It cant without your help.

I cant call my coin PIVX and convince my people to adopt it... we are dealing with trauma. We need our names.

But credit goes to you and DASH for all the work thus far.

Im fighting giant banks, governments, western universities, everyone - all by myself.

I have sixteen degrees just from US universities - I can do this myself. But Im being sent solana people to do my blockchain there.

If you will still not offer to help fork PIVX safely - I have to tell my community that I didnt myself nor with some shadow entities finish the work - then Ill just quietly know that you have help from such and such a quarter. I will know which quarter.

You have done good work - you should be rewarded. I welcome you to my community of heroes.

The market cap is not reflective of your worth. You need the right people. Sovereignty Savants like you and I will of course have PIVX but we cant have communities with your hi fi name.

This is a call for long term collab. If my community comes around, we can build the home for you. For now, we are weak - its the other way round.
Hello @graphitepivx ,

We are extremely limited on developer resources right now. We are about a year or more behind on releasing v6.0. So, regardless how good a fit your idea may be, I doubt we can help you. But honestly, you haven't given us any indication what your idea is. Do you simply want to rebrand the PIVX core wallet? Or do you plan to add new functionality, and if so, what is it?

Dear Eric -

I was thinking of responding once I was in a position to share a link.

But if something has to come off of this then perhaps it needs to now. Or not.

I am running a node. But it will not help the project if I would just rebrand it.

This - unfortunately has to be a new coin. It will be catered to the community. I will gladly avail of the masternodes and staking and most of all the DAO functionality as a layer 2 on top of the blockchain - and the community will use it to its advantage. Only there will be no PIVX on there. No sign of PIVX - no sign of your hardwork. The rest of the people would give credits to its better known parent. You will be Ashley Biden.

Honestly, if you are one year behind that is not called being behind. We are in the crypto space. That will be called quiet dissidence; or, ai sign of the end times. Solana is launching a new phone and an ecosystem to resolve nameservers, and interact with their blockchain using GUI. FTX couldnt break it - not for a few months. They have help from the east. I bring help from the south. For PIVX. You did not ONE TIME question some of the claims I made. I respect that.

My project is a substitute for governance, a parallel governance for about a fifth of humanity. 16 words. And then the rest of it as well.

From the bottom to the top.

Its very easy for me to OBVIATE the existence of PIVX, and all the work you guys are doing, which presupposes that PIVX exists mostly for "privacy". But instead it is more conducive for me to allow the "privacy" stakeholders to save face because this allows me to give them a reason to save theirs - AND LET MY PEOPLE GO.
If I have to rebrand then PIVX will have to rebrand in the terminology of over a billion people.

Then we can keep the pretty purple and so much else. We can have a baby - half of it looking like you.

but the expanded form of PIVX will change to something that connects with my people. In their language.

Im a Head of State with European recognition, and I cannot appear like Im compromising beyond what I need to - for THEM.

I will bring 300 developers in some time - full time and we will rank above several blockchains in development potential. We will use masternode voting to bring CHANGE in the lives of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS who are being persecuted.

PIVX should look at the volume of the water and decide what the river will be.

I have my people's blessings = )
To give you an example of one change - I may have to put privileges at some point of time (honestly my hear tis afraid - perhaps right away) behind allowing masternodes that go into voting - into unknown hands. So some sort of privileged staking - because my nascent community can have all the masternodes bought up by extremists. Then things will be out of control.
Are you a Nigerian Prince? :)

Sounds like you've got access to all the resources needed, and there isn't anything we can offer you.

Good luck!
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