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Title: coinex-collab
Name: coinex-collab
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amount: 3133
Total Amount: 3133
Author: Jeffrey
Receiver: Jeffrey
Address: DKEcoJZMCcJLCpjsNJjRaYwMuRn2k6N4mT
Status: Active
Vote Hash: dc8d262ffeae92ee2a6661e4c92f7917a3fe109915cd6e359f4e7d5c025a3861

Hi Pivians!

This proposal outlines a plan to allocate funds for a collaborative marketing venture with CoinEx. The initiative, named "Your Questions, Our Answers," aims to create a platform where CoinEx will share an engaging post across their social media networks. This post will encourage users to ask perceptive and insightful questions related to PIVX. Following a collective assessment by both PIVX and CoinEx teams, the most exceptional questions will be selected. These participants will be duly rewarded from a designated $500 PIVX fund.

Once the questions are chosen, we will diligently address them and provide comprehensive answers. These responses will be made available on our Medium publication and website. CoinEx will play an active role in sharing this content across their platforms, thereby providing additional marketing / advertising for PIVX as a whole and further growing our reach.

What is included/steps for this as copied from their Telegram correspondence :
  • CoinEx drafts and prepares the associated social media content.
  • After potential revisions, CoinEx publish the content across its social media channels.
  • Both parties, PIVX and the CoinEx team, collaboratively select the most insightful questions.
  • PIVX then responds to these questions via Medium or their website's blog.
  • CoinEx circulates a follow-up post across its social media platforms for further engagement.

Thank you for supporting my collaborations thus far with exchanges. I believe working alongside exchanges builds fruitful relationships that guarantees a place for PIVX on their platform.

Funding required:
$500 fund pool + additional $100 to combat volatility / fees. I will also ask for my 50 PIVX back in submission fees. Additional funds remaining will be announced and used towards proposals that do not meet funding due to volatility at time of payout.


Total = 3083 + 50 = 3133 PIVX

Voting Details:
To Vote YES for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many dc8d262ffeae92ee2a6661e4c92f7917a3fe109915cd6e359f4e7d5c025a3861 yes
To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many dc8d262ffeae92ee2a6661e4c92f7917a3fe109915cd6e359f4e7d5c025a3861 no