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Title: CoinKit renewal - Tipbot
Name: CoinKit Tipbot
Term: 4cycles
Amount per cycle: 3800PIV
Total amount: 15200 PIV
RECIEVER: Blockcurators GmbH
Address: DBH94WRmrJAiFf7K8TZMGcughwAcWyAs91
Date of proposal: 23.03.2020
Status: proposal.

Dear PIVX-Community,

this proposal aims to extend the service of CoinKit for PIVX. Over the past year, CoinKit has been steady developed and brought up many new features which are utilized by the PIVX-Community.
We've seen a great cooperation between CoinKit and the publicity/community accounts on Twitter, run by Leacymck, Hanna, ONeZetty & more. CoinKit has accumulated more than 12.500 Followers on Twitter which can be utilized to leverage the reach for PIVX-Twitter Accounts.

What Features have been added during one year of CoinKit:

- Added CoinKit Giveaway for Twitter
- Added Transparency records for Monetized Tweets ( https://dashboard.coinkit.de/transparencyrecords/ )
- Added detailed Wiki ( https://wiki.coinkit.de )
- Further developed the Live Dashboard. ( https://dashboard.coinkit.de )
- Added GiftCodes which can be used for Online and Offline Marketing

CoinKit Stats:

- 1.2 million interactions per month alone on Twitter
- 850k on-chain transactions overall
- 10k+ active users each month

Tipbot general Summary:

Our Key advantages are:

    • Support for many different Plattforms
    • Insurance for all Coins stored on the tipbot up to the proposal value by a German insurance company
    • Direct Support and Developer Contact
    • Continous Development: Every hour of Development work benefits every Member of Coinkit
    • We are growing rapidly thus you can expect rapid feature grow within the next years
    • It’s a Product not a Side Project so it won’t be abandoned anytime soon
    • Audit is possible: You can get a list of all Accounts and a confirmation that the coins are still there any time
    • Support for unlimited Users and Installation
Tipbot Feature summary:

The payment is split over 4 Months.
Payment 4 x 3800 PIVX
This Payment is for one year of service.


Vote Yes:

mnbudgetvote many 02aa72f457f626c2ca2f9138975479bcc4477348149eedd7c5f346444fb6fa0c yes

Vote No:
mnbudgetvote many 02aa72f457f626c2ca2f9138975479bcc4477348149eedd7c5f346444fb6fa0c no

We thank you for your time and hope you consider our proposal.
Yours sincerely,
the Blockcurators team.
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I love this proposal for so many reasons. From the start, Coinkit has delivered on its promises in helping our PIVX community receive PIV rewards easily and quickly. The individual tips, monetized tips and giveaways are a HUGE hit with our members in Discord and Twitter, for contests, incentives for our members to step up, and to acknowledge others that on their own time promote PIVX. It also helps ones that live in areas around the world to accumulate PIV to help offset their own expenses in day to day living. Other advantages; easy to understand instructions, 24/7 assistance when one needs help, Coinkit's great community that is similar to PIVX's beliefs. PLUS now knowing that 'Insurance for all Coins stored on the tipbot up to the proposal value by a German insurance company' makes voting for this proposal a no brainer. :)

Thank you ChekaZ for your never-ending support within our community, you are an amazing human.


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Coinkit is a key part of engagement, PIVX use and invasive marketing! I highly support their team and this proposal.
Great work guys, thanks for doing such a great job on this project.
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