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cold staking delegation transaction


New Pivian
I made a cold staking delegation transaction from my PIVx Wallet to my Ledger.
The transaction came out with only 0.00169744 pivx of fees.
I can’t find the transaction on the bockchain.
Pivx are not displayed on the owner address.
But I see them in my cold staking address
Who can help me?
Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for you help.

No to make this transaction i have using wallet version 4.0.0.

Now i have update the new version 5.0.0 but no change.

The balance on my wallet is not the same as on pivx.explorer.

It all started with a staking award (2.00 pivx) that appeared in my wallet but is not in the blockchain.
I was able to transfer the balance of my wallet to ledger but the amount was too high.
The money’s still on my wallet but the balance is fake and I can’t use those chips anymore.
Hey @Swiss81 If you only updated now then it is best that you follow these steps:

ALL masternode / staking wallet need to upgrade.
First step - Upgrade to v5.0.1 1. Stop/Shut down/Close your wallet. 2. Upgrade to v5.0.1 https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/releases/tag/v5.0.1 3. Start wallet. After waiting few minutes to sync, compare your block / hash against the block explorers linked above and see if they match. (for GUI users, you can go to Settings - Debug - Information to see current block and block hash) If wallet isn't syncing or is off chain If it doesn't sync, or if your latest block number and its hash does not match to the block explorer's block/hash , proceed with next step: 1. Stop/Shut down/Close your wallet, then edit pivx.conf to include: maxreorg=8000 addnode=explorer.pivx.link addnode=blockbook.pivx.link addnode=amsterdam.randomzebra.party addnode=losangeles.randomzebra.party 2. Start your PIVX v5.0.1 wallet. 3. Then Issue these 3 console commands one by one: (wait until each command completes) invalidateblock 224316f972019f228dfa3c3b67343dd6d98e50d31f25c8135a51fab072402f01 addnode explorer.pivx.link onetry clearbanned 4. Wait. Keep checking block / hash against the block explorers linked above until they match.