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cold staking pivx in 4.2.0


New Pivian
especially interested in generating an outside address...... one of the last steps before staking.....is there a formal tutorial for cold staking with pivx??? i have seen a youtube that started with the secondary address already within the wallet?? thanks for any and all help!
thanks for your quick response...i am having a little trouble with generating outside wallet....response is 'staking address corresponds to this wallet, change it to an external node'....what shall id do??
@smalkine The cold staking address should be on an external wallet that holds no funds. for example an instance of PIVX running on a VPS for the sole purpose of being a cold staking node.
i do have a ledger nano so i guess thats the way but i did see in a tutorial what i 'thought' was a wallet within the pivx wallet ...still interested to see how it was done
again, thank you for your help little busy today get to it tomorrow
ok..i went into a separate DESKTOP MAC to use ledger nano s live to find a pivx address to use...the address was generated on the ledger itself..i then entered the address into the separate LAPTOP MAC as per the instructions in the tutorial you gave me...when i locked the wallet and unlocked for staking ..PIVX wallet shows no amount staked...in the staking rewards side of wallet..when checking the history i can see the .00004PIV stake delegation fee and the delegation details...sent to two diff addresses ..the 863.0 PIV and the 0.33996PIV ...below that the coin inputs...fee N/A..date confirmations 56..status confirmed...still worried about where to 863 went..i have 10k more to go with since i did at one time have a node running but i need to confirm i did things correctly but i have my doubts...i did see that it is likely the coins wont show up on ledger nano s as stated in the tutorial..i did try to see in the blockchain snapshots (thats a whole nother bag of worms there) please advise thanks...i hesitate to attach any files as not sure about addresses etc
Hey @smalkine the 863 PIV will go to the owner address you specified, this could be the one on your ledger nano. You have to use the tool as mentioned in the guide above to spend cold staking piv and rewards.
i guessed i missed that last step with the contextual menu drop:::clicked on Stake:::gave it a label:::delegated balance history shows total staking:863 PIV::purple address highlight shows Staking:::so i guess im ok?
the PRESENT icon (next to the snowflake icon) is not lighted and shows : staking not active : when scrolled over
home page right side staking rewards amount of piv and zpiv staked is 0 both sides: would that normally show the 863 i delegated if done correctly?
checked my nano : no PIV in my account : im not sure if it would show up or just the rewards when arrived??
sorry to be a bother
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Your total PIVX balance of 863 will be in the wallet address you specified, either on your ledger nano or your PIVX wallet. Rewards will go to this address too.

The right side only shows balances earned from staking which will be 0 to start with
I have PIVX tokens in my wallet that are Cold Staking. I can't seem to figure out how to un-stake them so they return to the owner's address. Please help?
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