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Confirmed Stake(s) w/ 300+ confimations - Restart Wallet now Orphaned


New Pivian
Earned 20 PIVX through staking. Each transaction shows confirmation of 300+. Restarted wallet and all the earnings are orphaned. This appears to be a very unstable network? How can so many transactions show up in a users wallet as confirmed and then when the wallet is restarted these transaction are orphaned?

Running 3.4.0 wallet.
@Jeffrey Thank you for the response. I should have taken a screenshot of the transaction screen before closing the wallet. This is a fresh install of 3.4.0. I loaded it on 25 Sep 19. Yes, I used this procedure to install the latest chain so I didn't have to wait for a week. My wallet is a backup from another machine that was running 3.4.0 which was installed in spring of 19. The other machine was an older Intel Duo Core. The new machine is CentOS w/ i5.
Can you check the transactions on our explorer found at explorer.pivx.org to see if they exist?
@Jeffrey, Last known good transaction was 26Aug19. Looks like I had 80+ invalid transactions since then. Strange how the wallet was showing all of them with confirmations.
Thats possibly due to you being on a fork at the time.

Always check that your blockhash matches that of the explorers and that you always update to mandatory updates in time.