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I'm just stating facts. They are not true because I am exercising some kind of authority. They are true, even if I didn't exist.

A person can't be forced to volunteer or to stop volunteering. In fact, the FREEDOM to do so, is the definition of Volunteer!

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Same goes for a proposal. Others can offer feedback on a proposal, or suggest someone put forward a proposal, but ultimately, the person has the FREEDOM to decide if they want to submit a proposal or not.

Yet, me explaining how people have FREEDOM is narcissistic? Sorry, but being narcissistic is about exercising control. That's what you are doing. Not me. I am doing the opposite and letting people volunteer, or not, and submit proposals, or not.

All I can do is ask questions, provide feedback, and vote on proposals. Who does the volunteering or submits proposals is out of my control.

This is why I state you are projecting. You are the narcissist trying to control everything, and everyone sees that.

It is clear you want to be a Dictator, so I guess that's where the communist comment comes from. You are projecting that trait too.

Aside: How has TrezarCoin faired with your involvement and what happened today? Did it die? Only $0.30 volume?

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My involvement in trezar was pure investment and spreading the word. I don't think anyone can say that every crypto they have invested in has succeeded. But why even mention that but to do a sly dig at loss of money?

I think we're done on this conversation now. It's taking to much time up replying the same thing over and over. Let's keep it simple and let the votes decide.

Have a great day!