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Active Core DevOps Fuzz (Apr-Jun 2023)


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Title: Core DevOps Fuzz (Apr-Jun 2023)
Name: CoreDevOps-Fuzz-Q223
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 15000 PIV
Total Amnt: 45000 PIV
Author: Fuzzbawls
Receiver: Fuzzbawls
Address: DBh9o9uRGohcDKpeiEyRiwtmTaTL3xDdev
Created: 2023-04-08
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 8f9c3c0fe4d85553e5c6c3f49fa133486724d67589a449e20782355abc16abe1


This document outlines the funding and responsibilities for myself as a PIVX Core Dev and one of the maintainers of the PIVX-Project GitHub organization.


As a Core Dev, my responsibilities include the following:
  • Review and test code submissions (PRs) for viability, accuracy, and compliance with our code standards
  • Research and develop code improvements (my particular area-of-focus revolves around build systems
  • Research and backport upstream improvements
  • Provide timely gitian sigs for releases, release candidates, and test releases
  • Assist in support team and exchange troubleshooting
Additionally, my own responsibilities that I have been undertaking include the following:
  • Primary maintainer of the gitian.sigs and pivx-detached-sigs repositories
  • macOS code signing for all macOS desktop software releases (PIVX-Core, SPMT, PET4L)
  • macOS 11+ (Apple Silicon) build and deployment compatibility (ongoing project)
  • Ubuntu PPA maintainer, ensuring that new release versions are pushed and that nightly builds are properly built (https://launchpad.net/~pivx)
  • Rust toolchain maintainer (customized toolchain to allow minimum supported linux OSes to run release binaries)
  • Chiabls 3rd party library build system integration and maintenance (https://github.com/PIVX-Project/bls-signatures)
  • Snapcraft maintainer (nightly and release versions) (https://snapcraft.io/pivx-core)
  • Run and maintain four (4) DNS seeders (2 for testnet, 2 for mainnet)
  • Track network/protocol upgrades and provide visual stats when necessary (https://seeder.fuzzbawls.pw/pivx/network)
  • Maintain the Doxygen developer documentation (updated nightly) (https://www.fuzzbawls.pw/pivx/doxygen/)
  • Maintain the code coverage report (updated nightly) (https://www.fuzzbawls.pw/pivx/regression-test-coverage/)
  • Coordinate and provide tracking (including historical data) for exchange/service update responsiveness
  • Transifex (core wallet translation) management and integration (https://app.transifex.com/pivx-project)
  • Build systems compliance and maintenance for multiple host OSes and toolchains
  • Maintain three (3) SPMT public RPC endpoint nodes
  • Maintain a testnet blockbook explorer (https://testnet.fuzzbawls.pw/)
  • Six (6) dedicated testnet MN nodes to ensure testnet always has the minimum number of MNs required
  • Two (2) dedicated testnet staking nodes to ensure testnet's chain continues moving at all times
  • Github org management (teams, permissions, repository rules)
  • PIVX Forum Proposal moderation (ensuring that proposal posts are prefixed/moved according to their on-network status)

The funding I am asking for to cover the continued duties and responsibilities listed above is 15000 PIV per cycle. The above lists are extensive in nature, but not exhaustive, and minor or nuanced tasks may not be listed. DevOps covers a rather broad range of tasks that, if done well, should really not be noticeable from an outside perspective.

Changes from previous cycle

As this is my first proposal submission since the expanded budget, I am finally able to increase my asking rate from 5000 PIV, which for the past years been below what is considered a "living wage" in my area, to a more reasonable but still modest rate of 15000 PIV that is more in-line with the amount and type of work/services being provided by someone in the same field/position. I've also provided web URL links to some list-items above to further transparency.

Donations and Receiving of Additional Funds

Any funds received by the proposal payout address from any source other than the PIVX network’s in-built budget distribution system will be considered as donations.


Qt GUI wallet users can use the built in DAO page to cast their votes. For console users, use one of the below commands.

To vote yes:
mnbudgetvote many 8f9c3c0fe4d85553e5c6c3f49fa133486724d67589a449e20782355abc16abe1 yes

To vote no:
mnbudgetvote many 8f9c3c0fe4d85553e5c6c3f49fa133486724d67589a449e20782355abc16abe1 no
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