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Title: Core DevOps Fuzz (Jan-Mar 2022)
Name: CoreDevOps-Fuzz-Q122
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 5000 PIV
Total Amnt: 15000 PIV
Author: Fuzzbawls
Receiver: Fuzzbawls
Address: DBh9o9uRGohcDKpeiEyRiwtmTaTL3xDdev
Created: 2022-01-08
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 4869a8d48ffa07950000d03f00f938436ef103efe602d6e4e1994b62c2612280


This document outlines the funding and responsibilities for myself as a PIVX Core Dev and one of the maintainers of the PIVX-Project GitHub organization.


As a Core Dev, my responsibilities include the following:
  • Review and test code submissions (PRs) for viability and accuracy
  • Research and develop code improvements
  • Research and backport upstream improvements
  • Provide timely gitian sigs for releases, release candidates, and test releases
  • Assist in support team and exchange troubleshooting
Additionally, my own responsibilities that I have been undertaking include the following:
  • macOS code signing for all macOS desktop software releases (PIVX-Core, SPMT, PET4L)
  • macOS 11+ (Apple Silicon) build and deployment compatibility (ongoing project)
  • Ubuntu PPA maintainer, ensuring that new release versions are pushed and that nightly builds are properly built
  • Rust toolchain maintainer (customized toolchain to allow minimum supported linux OSes to run release binaries)
  • Chiabls 3rd party library build system integration and maintenance
  • Snapcraft maintainer (nightly and release versions)
  • Run and maintain 4 DNS seeders (2 for testnet, 2 for mainnet)
  • Maintain the Doxygen developer documentation (updated nightly)
  • Maintain the code coverage report (updated nightly)
  • Coordinate and provide tracking (including historical data) for exchange/service update responsiveness
  • Transifex (core wallet translation) management and integration
  • Build systems compliance and maintenance for multiple host OSes and toolchains

The funding I am asking for to cover the continued duties and responsibilities listed above is 5000 PIV per cycle, which covers a "full time" weekly average of 40 hours. Hours per week will have some variance affected by any kind of critical necessity (fe, i won't cut myself off during a release cycle based on the number of hours already spent). At the time of publishing, this amount works out to be roughly ~$14.69[USD]/hr, which is MUCH less than the going rate for such work

Why the title change?

It has been suggested to me that I change the title to better reflect the fact that a substantial portion of my time is dedicated to non-code operations (aka, DevOps). I'm still a "core dev", but much of my focus is on essential supporting aspects/systems that usually only require minimal/no code changes to support, but do indeed require a time investment.

Donations and Receiving of Additional Funds

Any funds received by the proposal payout address from any source other than the PIVX network’s in-built budget distribution system will be considered as donations.


To vote yes:
mnbudgetvote many 4869a8d48ffa07950000d03f00f938436ef103efe602d6e4e1994b62c2612280 yes

To vote no:
mnbudgetvote many 4869a8d48ffa07950000d03f00f938436ef103efe602d6e4e1994b62c2612280 no
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