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Archived Creative Design 6

Title: Creative Design 6
Name: CreativeDesign6
Term: 3
Cycle Amnt: 3000 PIV
Total Amnt: 9000 PIV
Author: Rhubarbarian
Receiver: Rhubarbarian
Address: DCbroTid1HjiJHj9cW7dWG5bWXQLF1MkHo
Created: 2019-07-19
Status: Active
PIVX Foundation: able to KYC to receive

The Rhubarbarians (RhubarbMedia.ca) are presenting this new proposal to again support creative design needed for announcements, events, web updates, for PIVX. We also have been volunteer supporting Social media management for main accounts, although it will be limited. This should not be seen as "Marketing" in it's full extent. We still have no main social media management team, no Public Relations team, no a strategic marketing team. We are following the original strategy to push out content around brand, education, tech, community and adoption and offer as much volunteer support as we can during this period.
See the previous proposal posts for reports

In addition, we will try come up with some campaign creative to fill in the gaps between announcements and updates if time allows, but this too would be beyond scope and volunteer as it's been for the past 6-8 months.
These will include, but not be limited to sponsorship marketing, contests, General PIVX highlight creative, regional creative marketing support for other language groups and 3rd party associations.

At the current price and hours we spend, we are working at a dramatic loss each month, but were not asking for a increase in PIV.
It will not get us to what we need each month, but we don't want to burden the treasury as there are other core projects needed some level of funding as well.
We get inundated by requests every week and this increase will go to help cover this to some level.

We will also continue to offer some skin-in-the-game, offering hours above and beyond the budgeted hours in the budget.
Typical designs work includes:
  • Announcements (Tech, exchanges, community, events, etc)
  • Web graphics updates (Main announcements, Ambassadors, PIVXplaces, PIVXSports, etc)
  • Support of Alliance needs
  • Campaign Creative as time allows
  • Project management
This is on top of all the Ambassador work were doing (separately funded) for local initiatives, meetups and larger event support for events like Seoul, Korea, Bogata Colombia, and Brasil, Venezuala, etc
We’ve been serving the PIVX brand and team since Dec 2016. We’ve stuck with it through good and bad times. We’ve offered help even when budgets were not paid out for various reasons and invested in Exchange additions and other Support needs along the way, donating thousands. Thanks!
With much Purple Love,
Chad Ballantyne and Design Team

Total Budget for creative and branding content creation

• 3000 PIVX/month
Design and Web:
Creative Director - Myself (Chad Ballantyne)
Designer, Jeni Ball, Chad,
Project Management: Rhubarbarian (Chad)
Joelle Crossley

Creative Marketing Support Plus
•3000 PIVX/month
TOTAL 9000 PIV (3 months)

Proposal Name:
To vote yes - mnbudgetvote many f4f1f5d28506cfc26cd313f8a9ecce61ed39d457d6431ea07123c17404010aa6 yes
To vote no - mnbudgetvote many f4f1f5d28506cfc26cd313f8a9ecce61ed39d457d6431ea07123c17404010aa6 no

"mnbudget getinfo CreativeDesign6” to check the status
Proposal Fee:
We will not be asking for the 50 PIV in fees to be reimbursed.
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